Small Business Classes

“Learnin, As WE gO”

Instructor: Michelle Lee

Entrepreneurship &  Small Business Success

6 Week Fast Track Course

         This business class is designed for all small business owners interested in growing their business and/or individuals who are thinking about starting their own business. With a start to finish, a-z curriculum; the aim is to get you the information and resources necessary to succeed! The class offers: personal professional business analysis, business structure, your product and service image, certifications and licensing, and much more than just the text book material included in this class.  Your chances of success should be much improved by the end of the course by equipping you with the “tools and resources you need” in “Real time” and at the “speed of business”!

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The class will go over the following things:

1. Your Starting Point is here; where ever you are

a. Personal Professional Business Analysis included

b. What When Why Where & How- Your Talent, Skill, & Niche

c. Writing your paycheck- P-P-B Mission/Vision Statements

2. Business Structure & Master Mind Group

a. Resource Bank Development

3. The Art of Business Writing & the Thank You Note

a. 3Deep formula for building customer relationships and your  

       bottom line

4. You are Your Product and Services Image- Marketing,

     Advertising, SEO and the web. From the $0 to the 

    ShoeString  to the Bling Bling Budget.

a. How to get that message out to your ideal customer

5. How to systematize your Business Development so that it produces  

    reliable, consistent, predictable, and trackable results for client  


a. Certifications, Licensing, Networking on and offline.

6. Where do we go from here for continued success and growth?

a. The Business Plan

“Learnin, As WE gO” is geared toward getting you the information and resources necessary to succeed, overcome self-imposed obstacles and getting your entrepreneurial juices flowing toward success while providing you with a start to finish experience for the topics covered.

Exceptions To The Rules Programs:

It has been scientifically proven that by motivating people with various methods; employers, business start ups, and business growth has a higher performance level, sustained rate, and commitment to succeed.

Your Instructor:

E.Michelle Lee is a Paraprofessional Consultant, Speaker, and author. Michelle has researched over 400 business subjects and human needs that she provides solutions for individuals and businesses with truthful advice while being entertaining and light-hearted. Her approach; 3Deep Formula (3X3X3=?) is humorous and resource-rich.

For 20 years inspiring people and connecting them to resources that are not otherwise available. She enjoys working with people from various socioeconomic strata and a multitude of life experiences. She is: An Exception To The Rule!

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  4. This is not a blog post “Small business classes” it is actual a curriculum. I believe when posting you should state it like it is. Don’t you just hate it when you click on a link that described one thing only to land on the page to find another? That’s why I state it like it is to the best of my ability. Regards, Michelle