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     Before you can do anything great you have to feel great within and strong enough to tackle many feats along whatever pathway of success you choose.  This class is designed to assist women who have decided to be in control of their own personal and professional lives.    When you need to re-group and/or are ready to make changes in your personal performance levels; this course will provide the proven techniques that motivate and keep you committed to your goals and so much more.

Exceptions Phase10”

 Whether you are pickin yourself up by the bootstraps or you are reaching for your next level/goal. This class/workshop is for you.

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You will learn through your personal assessment and building a mission statement how to start from where you are and get to where you want to be. Is that in business? Is it with weightloss? Overcoming obstacles? Regaining your health?

       Everybody’s need is different- yet we all have the same goal- to succeed and do more than we have allowed ourselves to do in the past for our future. This class is for The Exceptions To The Rules!

Exceptions To The Rules Programs:

It has been scientifically proven that by motivating people with various methods; employers, business start ups, and business growth has a higher performance level, sustained rate, and commitment to succeed.

Your Instructor:

E.Michelle Lee is a Paraprofessional Consultant, Speaker, and author. Michelle has researched over 400 business subjects and human needs that she provides solutions for individuals and businesses with truthful advice while being entertaining and light-hearted. Her approach; 3Deep Formula (3X3X3=?) is humorous and resource-rich.

For 20 years inspiring people and connecting them to resources that are not otherwise available. She enjoys working with people from various socioeconomic strata and a multitude of life experiences. She is: An Exception To The Rule!

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