Disclaimer for Michelle Lee, The Exceptions To The Rules, PR With A Purpose

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It has to be said, the attorney says so.If you use anything on this site to better yourself; Congrats. You have taken responsibility to improve your life by using the tools I used for my own self-improvement.  I am glad that someone else can also make use of these wonderful tools, mentors, resources, services, that I too have found success by using. But in no way can you hold me or anyone else for that matter liable for anything in life that you choose to do. Especially from my website and/or materials.Simply stated, because of my nature to “write it down for later use”; I have been recording my resources and self improvement methods for over 14 years now.  Unbelievable amount of information, knowledge, and history that I have contained in these journals.  I just finally
found a way to share it with others and earn a living doing what I love best
Helping others to help myself!

There is absolutely nothing that you will find on this website or in any of my materials that you can use as Legal Advice. You need legal advice? Contact an attorney.

Sorry for the interruption; please feel free to continue to browse.  There is something for everyone on this site!