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I Couldn’t Understand it, until I needed it first-

1-20-15 compassion

Too often we quickly forget past pits that we have been in and try to just march on our path with enough ego that allows us to remain human.  Even still, when the brain takes over and you lose control of your body through pain; what can you do?  You do the only thing you can do; learn to depend on the help and compassion of others. Let go of your pride, ego , and whatever else you manage to use as  walls of separation from those you should have in your support network and those that you should serve as well.

It amazes me that until we truly experience certain things; we cannot possibly know what it feels like to be in the position/condition,  or frame of mind. Life can change your perspective to a whacked out view, if you let it.  Be careful, gird up the loins of your mind.  Try not to let circumstances change you to the point of taking away what makes you , you.

When we experience something we have not known before, we then become available to serve in that same capacity to another.  That’s why I titled this article as I did- I Couldn’t Understand it, until I needed it first-

It had been a long time since I felt I could depend on someone. Damaged by the infiltration of news and politics for a year long trial  period with my new talk radio show content. [How small one can feel when reporting current affairs of our day.  Life and Culture have truly changed.] Compassion is an element that we rarely see in our society today because of those changes. It’s missing not only because of the lack thereof, but also because goodness hardly gets the spotlight.  The news media and Hollywood seemly focuses only on the down and dirty stories of the day.  What a pleasant surprise it would be to find some beauty in these here ashes.

Walking one day and looking at the ceiling for next seven days wondering what on earth has happened to me. I can’t walk. Dear God, did you hear me; I can’t walk.  Brought to my knees, literally, flat on my back.  Then comes along my Mercy (aka Hope & Marcy).

For a little over a week this kind woman took care of me.  Nothing was too hard for her to do; even the things you might not be able to stomach for just any ol body.  With a smile and joy- all things were done. Thanking my God for making a provision to sustain me. A touch by one of God’s own to encourage me on the way through one of the most painful, physical and spiritual, hardships I have ever had. The Fibromyalgia Flair Up from Hell Coupled with a few bulging disk.  Of course there are many other little mishaps this life emergency caused; truly a domino effect.

Since my heart was softened, I realized “I couldn’t Understand It- Until I Needed It First—- COMPASSION



My Hope & Marcy- Short Inspirational Story by: E. Michelle Lee , radio talk show host.

1-20-15 Mary Martha

Have you ever thought about what you would do if all of a sudden a major life emergency happened to you? Are you prepared? Do you have a Martha & Mary – Hope & Marcy..?

Her left leg and hip had been hurting for many months. Nothing totally took away the pain; but she kept on going. Monday’s water workout seemed to take the edge off of the pain a bit, but then by Tuesday morning, she was paying for  it with double the  pain than the day before. Wednesday came and she had no choice but to go and see if she could try once again to push through the pain and get relief. It usually worked for her; but would it this time?

By the end of the hour-long class, Chelle couldn’t even get out of the pool by herself. The intensity of the pain was at the point of tears by now. Then came along Hope and Marcy, two students in her class. Hope on one side and Marcy on the other; one under each arm. After a few minutes when all the women left to hit the showers, Chelle cried out, help me! Back again-Hope and Marcy by her side.  Hope took  her van keys and brought it around to the front of the building while Marcy lead her out through the gym.  Soon as the door opened the wind chill factor of 16 below hit the hip and legs and instantly froze in place.  Nearly having to crawl the rest of the way the tears and screams of agony just made your heart ache for her pain.

After getting her into the van; she tried to raise the seat with the lever on the side of the passenger seat. Unfortunately, the handle swung the other way and dropped her backwards. To the top of her lungs, a screeching scream came out with a big ol- Jesus!  Dear God, did she just break?  It sure sounded like she was done.  After Hope & Marcy got her through the door and seated inside her house; her son found her in that same spot a little more than four hours later.

The surprising and inspirational act of kindness came when over the course of the next two weeks Marcy remained full of compassion and happy to serve. Beautiful story of the way we should take care of each other. Marcy showed Chelle the compassion she needed to feel so she could once again feel that tender heartedness she once knew. An act of kindness by a stranger restored love and hope that only could be felt when you have someone to count on in time of need.

Keep believing there are still good people on this earth who care. We just have to connect with them.

Check out other entries to come. The story continues…

Jude 1:22

 22 And of some have compassion, making a difference: