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Christian Women In Business 3-21-13 LIVE ON-AIR -Women’s History Month- Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show features

Exceptions Radio Show 3-21-13 Christian Women In BusinessAll month long we have been featuring ” Women In Business” to commensurate this years March is Women’s History Month.  Each week we have focused on a category within that theme.  This coming Thursday, March 21st, 2013 the Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show  host, E. Michelle Lee will be focusing on #ChristianWomen in #Business.

Since this is a business show and I am not the kind of #ChristianWoman In Business, who only wears it on her sleeve, it is not to often that  I get rare opportunities like this to feature such topics, in relation to doing business, on my show.   Mind you, even though it is a business show; there are still times it is appropriate for me to give a shout out to the Glory of the Good Lord!  There is just no way, for me to share, all the things I share with entrepreneurs and business owners, without attributing it to my Lord and Savior, who inspired and provided me with the resources and such to bring it to fruition.

Many before me, in different industries, have been respected for their contributions to life and work despite differences in their belief systems.  In fact many successful business men and women are Bible Believing, Spirit filled, and God fearing people.   When folks ask me about what makes the difference, I just tell them my ultimate Boss resides above the clouds and has the highest authority. So is expected of me to maintain higher-standards of practice for those who profess the Gospel through their business and life.

Tune in this coming Thursday, March 21st at 6PM EST to the #ExceptionsToTheRules Radio Show on Talktainmentradio.com.  Find out what’s makes being a #ChristianWoman In Business different!

Radio Show Host, E Michelle Lee is hosting a month long celebration for Women’s History Month 2013 to encourage women of today to help make history for women of tomorrow. 

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 E. Michelle Lee, Host of the Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show interviews: Sherry Wilkerson, Owner of McKenzie House-Bed & Breakfast3-16-13 sherry-wilkerson

Join the conversation, the show is LIVE , call 877-932-9766


This post will be updated with a few more guest coming to the show.

Honoring Women’s History Month:

Esther- Queen of Persia

Deborah the 1st Woman General of an Army

Lydia- Dye Maker

Rahab- Inn Keeper

Chonda Pierce- Christian Comedian

Lysa TerKeurst


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Lancaster Ohio TONIGHT Chonda Pierce-Performer/Comedian- Good Clean Fun- Inspirational-Rejuvenating -Motivational-Song, Dance,Comedy

Chonda Pierce Listen and Laugh

Laughter is necessary to the equation of all human interaction. If you don’t feel some kind of joy inside; then you are empty and are in need of a refill.

          I say” If you see your glass half empty- then ask for a re-fill”.  

         Going to the Chonda Pierce show is like going to the spa. Thing is, it’s your heart and mind getting the massage and relaxation- not your body.

          Well, on second thoughts I guess your body does get a good time too, because you will be ROTF (Rolling On The Floor) laughing so hard your sides may begin to hurt a little.  🙂

         Here is the links to get you to the show Tonight, One night only- If you would like to sit with our group let me know. Feel free to join us.

E Michelle Lee ordered 1 – Artist Circle ticket(s) for the An Evening with Chonda Pierce  event, taking place Saturday, May 21, 6:00 PM at the Fairfield Christian, 1965 N. Columbus St., Lancaster, OH, 43130.

It’s a ladies night out with the Exceptions To The Rules- at the Chonda Pierce Show in Lancaster Ohio, good clean fun!!!!!!!!!!

Coming EVent local to Lancaster Ohio-just what the Dr. Ordered- Laughter by Chonda Pierce

Top Performers- Here is your prescription for the week of May 21st, 2011: 

         Chonda Pierce, Comedian and Performer puts her audience on the floor during her shows. You best believe that you and everyone else  who attends will float out of that auditorium full of laughter hope and inspiration. Join me; let’s get a group rate for upcoming show on May 21st, 2011 in Lancaster Ohio.

Reply “Let’s Go” in the comment box below!

Chonda Pierce Listen and Laugh

       Here are a few of my favs of Chonda- she will definately have you rollin on the floor go check her out on YouTube you will see. And another thing you will see. Look at the variety in her show. Do you see two shows alike on you tube? Nope– Let’s get together for a ladies night out with Conda Pierce??? Who’s in?