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The Black Robe Regiment- Who are they and why should you know? LIVE this week on #EMichelleLeeShow WED. 10-1-14 12-2PM est

10-1-14 E Michelle Lee Show Educate The Vote--1Click Here to listen LIVE

Join Radio Show Host, E. Michelle Lee,  TODAY: Wednesday 12-2PM EST for a LIVE discussion about  The Black Robe Regiment with Guest, Reverend Dan Fisher, pastor of the Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon, OK.

Plus, for our lunch-n-learn segment learn about how the Black Robe Regiment influenced and fought for America’s Freedom.

Ever wonder why Pastors, Reverends, Ministers, and Clergy no longer “Get Involved with Life in General” ?  Who was responsible for getting out the news of the day? Find out on the E. Michelle Lee Show.

During the second hour of the show; we’ll have lines open for discussion (877-932-9766)  and for those that want to Take The Challenge “Help Educate The Vote” to show your patriotism for this Country!

Guess What E. Michelle’s “Are You Serious” pic of the week is????

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Get Ohio Voter Info LIVE on-Air WED 9-24-14 Find out why it matters to the rest of the Country-If You VOTE

9-21-14 VOTE BannerE Michelle Lee Radio Talk Show Host brings Ohio Voter Information to the Airwaves for the November Elections 2014.  Tune in Each Week on Wednesday between 12-2PM est. LIVE SHOW Call In’s Welcomed 877-932-9766-

CANDIDATES are welcome to call in 877-932-9766- with a shout out for your campaign to let Ohioans know why you are the best choice for their VOTE.Educate the vote

Tune in to the #EMichelleLeeShow for Candidate profiles and more. Never know who we might get into the studio’s for a live interview or panel discussions on the issues you will be voting on in the upcoming Ohio Elections in November 2014 .

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Educate The VOTE- Learn before you punch hole those ballots.  Educate yourself then educate your family and friends.  Make your list before you go to the booth to vote. Know who and why you are voting for the person you vote for.

Invite your pastors to tune in; this is the kinda stuff they need to share with their congregations too. It’s your duty to God and Country to VOTE.

WEDNESDAY’s 12-2pm est LIVE on the E. Michelle Lee Show On Talktainmentradio.com 2014 Ohio Campaign Coverage on-Air

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