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Walk To Cure FM-OHio 5K Run/walk 1K Fun Walk Fibromyalgia Awareness

Walk To Cure FM-OH Front Side 3-3-14First of its kind in this region, The Walk To Cure FM-OH 2014 Columbus Ohio! Helping to bring awareness to #Fibromyalgia

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This is the first awareness day to focus on Fibromyalgia for this area.  Let’s show-em how Ohio loves to help with a “Good Cause”

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Stay tuned – you have hope. to be pain free…Walk to cure FM-OH Back Side of Card 3-3-14

Dr. Phyllis Schlafly, Dr. Shirley Curry, The Ziglar Women, on ‘Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show’ – SPECIAL REPLAY for Labor Day Holiday

E Michelle Lee A stateswoman in the makingCLICK HERE TO CLICK LISTEN LIVE TODAY-  ‘Exceptions to the Rules’ this Thursday at 6PM EST on 
REPLAY:  8-29-13

COLUMBUS, Ohio (March 28, 2013) “Exceptions To The Rules” host, E. Michelle Lee welcomes  Dr. Phyllis Schlafly, Founder of the Pro-Family Movement since 1972, Dr. Shirley Curry, Christian conservative activist, The Ziglar Women, Dede Galindo granddaughter of Zig Ziglar,   , to her online radio show.

These women in history honorees, who are still making history today, will honor the women who have inspired their lives as well as discuss issues that women of today want to know more about.

PhyllisDr. Phyllis Schlafly Founder of the Pro-Family Movement, she  a leader of the pro-family movement since 1972, when she started her national volunteer organization called Eagle Forum. In a ten-year battle, Mrs. Schlafly led the pro-family movement to victory over the principal legislative goal of the radical feminists, called the Equal Rights Amendment.                      

Dr Shirley Curry 3-19-13Dr. Shirley Curry, Professor, conservative activist, a Christian, and Director on the Board of Eagle Forum began offering Literacy Programs in 1981 for disadvantaged children. They have been directed by Dr. Shirley Curry, Ph.D., former official in the U.S. Department of Education.

3-19-13 ziglar women3-21-13 DeDe Galindo HeadShotDede Galindo Granddaughter of Zig Ziglar, Speaker/Mentor The Ziglar Women, granddaughter of world renowned motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, knows that every path we take is a stepping stone to another.   She proudly serves in many leadership positions including Director for Bras For A Cause Foundation and Advisor on the Western Advisory Council for the Metrotex Board of Realtors.

Christian Women In Business Honored on Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show: 3-28-13

Chonda and Me 2011Chonda Pierce: Christian Comedian

Armed with an abundance of unpretentious Southern charm and laser sharp wit, Chonda Pierce has been entertaining audiences from coast to coast for more than a decade. An in-demand stand up comic, television hostess and author, Pierce has parlayed her gift for storytelling into a multi-faceted career.

Pierce has authored eight books with most recent being, Laughing In the Dark (Simon&Schuster/Howard) and has ranked among Pollstar’s top-selling live performers. Her tenth comedy DVD, “I’m Kind of a Big Deal,” released September, 2011 highlights her USO tour to Afghanistan. 

Mary Kay Flawless



3-19-13 Elizabeth Elliot Devotional Elisabeth Elliot is one of the most influential Christian women of our time. For a half century, her best selling books, timeless teachings and courageous faith have influenced believers and seekers of Jesus Christ throughout the world. She uses her experiences as a daughter, wife, mother, widow, and missionary to bring the message of Christ to countless women and men around the world. “The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian. But the fact that I am a Christian does make me a different kind of woman.”


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Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show w/ Host E Michelle Lee Turns 1 August 2013 Special Guest in-Studio Ceylon Wise, Local Artist “We Are Survivors”

Exceptions Radio Show one year anniversary 7-27-13

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8-1-13 Ceylon Wise Head ShotHear all about Ceylon Wise’s story and journey for creating the #Cancer #Anthem #WeAreSurvivors (read full article in the Columbus Dispatch)

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Victory Fitness Centers Offer NEW Aqua Class just for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Sufferers- Exceptions Get Over IT Challenge


Use the code Exceptions Get Over IT Challenge when you register and become a member , let them know Michelle sent you. Classes are free to Members. Get your Free Day Pass to try the class. Contact E Michelle Lee at North Location Class Schedule East Location Class Schedule


City of Columbus Proclamation Received Fibromyalgia Awareness Day May 12th, 2013

Dr Kevin Hackshaw Councilmember Tyson E Michelle LeeCouncilmember Priscilla R. Tyson, Chair of Health and Human Services of the City of Columbus Ohio Council, sponsors resolution to make May 12th, National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day .  E. Michelle Lee, Radio Show Host and Columnist , a sufferer and advocate for those suffering with Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia in partnership with Dr. Kevin Hackshaw,M.D. Associate Professor of Medicine, Fellowship Director, Rheumatology; The Ohio State University College of Medicine and the National Fibromyalgia Association and National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association receive City of Columbus Proclamation recognizing May 12th  as National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day .(PR With A Purpose Press Release City of Columbus)

Dr Kevin Hackshaw E Michelle LeeLee, plans to use this proclamation to help bring awareness to those who suffer, those who live, work, and play with someone who suffers, and those who medically treat Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Sufferers.

Lee created the “Exceptions Get Over IT Challenge” and is now partnered with: Dr. Hackshaw, OSU, NFA, NFMCPA, and others here local to Columbus, Ohio and abroad to help others overcome this beast as she calls it and live life to the fullest and better and beyond your normal expectations.  This program, Exceptions Get Over IT Challenge, will have resources for FMS sufferers through education, updates on treatment, Exercise Water Classes at Victory Fitness Centers especially designed for FMS by E Michelle Lee and advisors (TBA), Nutrition Tips, and ALL THE MOTIVATION YOU CAN STAND including H.O.P.E. Therapy created by E. Michelle Lee. Get tips and such by following her new account @FibroCoach4U

Tune in to the Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show; with E Michelle Lee your host, all month long as she will be featuring local/national doctors, experts, and small business owners supporting others while we find a cure.  “You don’t want to miss one episode”, Lee, say’s, Check out the line up here…..  Plus you can Listen 2 WIN stuff to help you and your business when you hear the Exceptions Prize Wheel Spin, call 877-932-9766.

Dr. Kevin Hackshaw, who will be on the Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show on May 16th LIVE at 6PM EST on; will help monitor and contribute to the Exceptions Get Over IT Challenge as he continues his research at the Ohio State University College of Medicine to help end this suffering experienced by those who suffer from extreme pain.  Check out some of Dr. Kevin Hackshaw’s White Papers published online and in print.  He will be providing guidance and more to the collective group that is fueling the fire for Fibromyalgia Awareness and seeking a cure; Exceptions Get Over IT Challenge.

E Michelle Lee and Priscilla Sales WeeksPriscilla Sales Weeks, owner of Prise’Creations (the only GREEK store in this region) and host of the upcoming Annual Mothers Day Brunch ; a major supporter of Ms. Lee and the Exceptions Get Over IT Challenge; hand crafted  butterfly stamped purple ribbons (purple is the official color of FMS Awareness) to Councilmember Tyson and the entire Columbus City Council.  We were rockin our Purple!  Councilmember Tyson handed them out during the ceremony.PriseCreation Ribbons and box E Michelle Lee

A note of Thanks to Jamecca Smoot, cousin of Priscilla, a sufferer of Fibromyalgia for attending in support.

Thank you Priscilla and Ms. Smoot!E Michelle Lee Prisciall Sales Weeks Jamecca Smoot

Be rest assured we are going to cover this Great City of Columbus with love and compassion for your pain. We want to give you H.O.P.E. therapy, a way to live, work, and play with a smile and less pain. The Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show and its host will bring you updates throughout the year on new developments of the Exceptions-Get Over IT Challenge. Tune in every Thursday during the month of May to hear how you can get started with your year to come, living with less pain and more smiles6PM EST on TalktainmentRadio.comDr Hackshaw Priscilla Sales Weeks Adriel Harris

Pictured here:

Dr. Kevin Hackshaw, E. Michelle Lee, and Adriel Harris, Public Relations Director at TTR

E. Michelle Lee plans to continue her plight for FMS and will approach the House next to make May 12th National Fibromyalgia Day in Ohio.  In the mean time she suggest that if you or someone you know suffers from FMS or other Chronic Pain, contact her at and be sure to tune in to the show!  Take the Exceptions Get Over IT Challenge.Exceptions Radio Show 5-13 Firbromyalgia Awareness

“If you knew how dark my world was you wonder how I shine so brightly” (EM Lee 2011)

PRESS RELEASE City of Columbus sponsors Proclamation for #NationalFibromyalgiaAwarenessDay Join Dr. Hackshaw, OSU and E Michelle Lee Talkshow Host and Columnist at Columbus City Hall May 6th

Join US May 6th at Columbus City Hall Fibromyalgia Proclamation 2013

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ohio State University’s Kevin Hackshaw, M.D. Associate Professor of Medicine, Fellowship Director and E. Michelle Lee, Radio Talk Show Host & Columnist- A Sufferer of Fibromyalgia.  Advocates for FMS and receives the honor to carry the torch of HOPE  with a City of Columbus Proclamation for May 12th  -Recognizing National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.

PLEASE JOIN US ON May 6th at Columbus City Hall, 90 West Broad Street, Second Floor, meeting in front of the building at 4:30PM. Session starts at 5PM.

Please show your support for Fibromyalgia

Columbus, OH (May 3rd, 2013)—  Council Member Tyson will be sponsoring a resolution recognizing May 12th as National Fibromyalgia  Awareness Day. On Monday May 6th, at Columbus City Hall in downtown Columbus, Ohio beginning at 5PM; Dr. Kevin Hackshaw and E. Michelle Lee, Radio Show host of the Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show on TalktainmentRadio and a sufferer of FMS will accept the proclamation on behalf of the National Fibromyalgia Association, Ohio State University’s Kevin Hackshaw, M.D. Associate Professor of Medicine, Fellowship Director, Rheumatology; The Ohio State University College of Medicine, the Exceptions To The Rules, and other groups around our country who have joined together to promote fibromyalgia awareness and support—including improved education, diagnosis, research, and treatment.

Lee, has designed the “Exceptions- Get Over IT Challenge” and is using her local and national platform to help educate, motivate, and provide resources including but not limited to diet, exercise, and HOPE Motivation for FMS and Chronic Pain Sufferers; especially entrepreneurs and small business owners who do not have health care insurance like herself. 

She will travel throughout the city, state, and country to disseminate FMS education and attend public awareness events.  This “Get Over IT Challenge”, program,  will provide guidance from medical professionals, nutritionist, exercise- certified and/or degreed trainers, and tons of motivational methods needed to withstand the effects and side-effects of FMS. Lee said, “This program and many others rely upon our ability to promote awareness having such credentials as a recognized day City Wide, State Wide, and Nationwide”. She plans to approach the House and Senate of Ohio next.

Ms. Lee has been a sufferer of FMS for more than twenty years and has sustained nearly 20 major surgeries due in part to FMS and its associated ailments.  As a trained researcher she has compiled years of recorded journaling, enlisted the support of OSU’s Dr. Kevin Hackshaw, National Fibromyalgia Association, National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association, Victory Fitness Centers, and a multitude of local and national business owners who suffer from FMS and/or have a product or service that may help ease the pain of FMS so that we can be more productive citizens at home, work, and play by learning how to cope with FMS and chronic pain.

E Michelle Lee quotes, “If you knew how dark my world was, you would wonder how I shine so brightly.” (2011 E.M. Lee)

When confirmed to receive this Proclamation for FMS , Ms Lee quoted the mission of the NFA and gave a call to action,

 We must strive to continually make health practitioners aware of our plight. It is only with this recognition that we will be successful in securing research funds to pinpoint the causes of fibromyalgia, and start toward finding a cure.  Lee encourages sufferers and families with those who suffer to get involved.

Give Back 2 Pay Forward, just do what you can. Contact US ASAP- Come to Columbus City Hall this Monday at 4:30 PM and Stand With Us to say THANK YOU to: Council Member Tyson and Columbus City Council for this breakthrough for our Fibromyalgia Community!

Lee, shares that many who are effected by FMS may not know what to do or where to turn for help.  FMS carries a high risk percentage of those who commit suicide when they can’t get help for the pain. She plans to continue with the “Exceptions Get Over IT Challenge” as her main source of help and relief for her and those whom she supports and encourages to live beyond the pain; always having and sharing HOPE for a cure.

About E. Michelle Lee: Ms. Lee is a RADIO TALK SHOW HOST / of Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show-,  a Columnist for Ohio MBE Newspaper, a Publicist, Speaker, and the owner of PR With A @ExceptionsBE and major social outlets FB ect.

She currently produces, hosts a weekly one hour talk show to help educate, motivate, and bring resources to entrepreneurs and small business owners here in Ohio and abroad.  She also addresses community and national issues and “Good Causes” by bringing in resourceful national and local celebrity and expert guests that help identify solutions and empower listeners through awareness. 

 For more information about E.Michelle Lee, read her BIO. For more information about /or to participate in the event, contact E Michelle Lee via email: or phone 614-306-3794 for participation and inquiries and Sponsorship.

Take the “Get Over it Challenge” with the Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show Host E. Michelle Lee-

Exceptions Radio Show 5-13 Firbromyalgia Awareness                     





Join the Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show Host, E. Michelle Lee for the “Get Over it Challenge” – Overcoming Pain and Living Life.

Helping to bring awareness to National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day May 12th.   Tune in to the Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show for more details.  We will bringing listeners, resources, on-Air during the month of May 2013 to help find solutions and ways to overcome the monster most only know in name as Fibromyalgia.

Exceptions Radio Show 5-13 Firbromyalgia Awareness


More Details are Coming Soon. Tune in to the Show to find out more! Every Thursday at 6PM EST and then our re-broadcast at 6AM on Friday Mornings! After you land on our page, Click LISTEN LIVE in the upper right-hand corner! Enjoy and be prepared to hear life changing stories to help you grow and grow your business!

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