What In The World Are We Going To Do?

Albert Einstien Quote- The Woman Who Follows the crowdSometimes you just have to wonder, “What in the World are We going to do” about:

Our Current State of Affairs

Personal Challenges In Life

The Future of our Nation, Culture, and Heritage.

It can be quite mind-boggling at times, right?  I don’t know about you, but as for me and my house, we know; Now is the Time for us all to prepare and be courageous in everyday life.  6-1-14 How many more before America Breaks

Today, I thought about so many things that I wanted to write about: 1) The Selflessness of Promotions That Promote Start With You And End with Them, 2) Voters Education and the importance thereof to VOTE for someone/something, 3) Demand the kinda Truth that Sets Men Free, and a whole slew of others topics/titles that I could have picked from that were racing in my mind.  My creative juices are in full force today and ready to share with the world the love that lights in me. Sharing is caring!

But, the fact is, before we can do anything about anything, we do need to do something to prepare.  And the way in which I believe we need to prepare is from the inside out.  Not the opposite from the outside in, nor as does the modern-day pharisees we sees everyday doing it only for what you can see from the outside.  Truly if we want a life of peace with others and ourselves; we must strengthen ourselves from good health internally to a modest life of Christ like behaviors externally.  While the coat of many colors is very important to the story in many ways, it was not the coat that made the man. The outer appearance of our good health and righteousness doesn’t come with a store-bought tag; it comes from within us and shows just how closely we walk with God in our daily lives. The Bible (KJV) has 43 scriptures using the word holiness 43 Bible results. And Righteousness 291 Bible results for “righteousness .”  4-29-14 rEAD mE bIBLENot one of them ever mention it only in our physical appearance it is matters of the heart that they are referencing. Look up each time the word is used in a different scripture to see the definition translation; I use Strong’s Concordance for translating the Greek and Hebrew words used.  Don’t get me wrong, there is modesty and righteousness to be done in all our ways; but this often misquoted, applied context, is not talking about only what you see. These words in scripture are talking about what’s inside of you counts.

With that said, this message and it’s call to holiness before the Lord your God, is meant for every aspect of our lives to be in obedience with His plan for our Life. It’s not meant for how well we fake it on the outside and forget about the inside because we didn’t prepare the right things in the right way.

Let me ask you something. Any time you approach anything that you do in life, work, and play, do you plan how to make it happen?  Phone calls, notes, time lines, budgets, guest, entertainment, invitations, food preparation, and so on? That is just a small portion of the long list we write to plan most things in life we want to do.  So, why then, can you not think, it important to plan, like this, for what you know is right to do, for God’s Plan for your life?

You agree, in His Word you see His very nature and know that He is a God of Order?  Yet you don’t think the promises He gave for your personal walk with Him needs a plan?   YES, you need a plan for your life.  YES, you must be ready at all times for detours; because truly life can get in the way.  But, even if there are “*Pit Stops”, you can still stick to your main plan to be victorious in life no matter what comes your way or how often the blows come, one after the other, to TRY and slow you down.  Detours/ “Pit Stops”, are expected and can actually be planned for ahead of time.

Now, like me, you may be thinking: 1) Is she ever going to get to the “here’s what you do”  2) Yes, I practice what I preach/teach- here’s how I practice it; I do the best I can every day and try to not look back at the days I didn’t so I don’t do the same in the days to come.

12-31-2011 Prepare for take off Christina RobertssonTo The Point:  Preparation starts from within, the heart, moves to the internal nature, to the external nature of health of body from within, that internal health and heart shows or glows to the outside and is a testament of how well we take care of our mind-body and soul/spirit. It all counts. You can’t take one ingredient out and expect any of the rest of it to work.  Try unplugging your fridge and seeing if it will keep the food cold.

1) Connect to God

2) Take Care of Your Health

3) Have a Plan to Live Life to the Fullest and for those with children (have a plan to help them get started down the right path-teach them to plan)

What does all this get you?

A Life of Peace that comes from preparing to make and live out loud sound decisions that can be the best thing for your life and those who love and care about you that’s in your life.

How many of us have it?  Well, hopefully we are still trying everyday even still.

PREPARE From the Inside Out

*Pit Stops  =  Places in life we find ourselves in, either by our own choices or because of our need to be advised/taught/corrected/and/or Loved by our Lord and Savior. He always knows who are His, and what they need in life. Trust me, sometimes it ain’t pretty.  We just gotta go through it, learn it, share it, and keep on going. None on earth has ever been perfect, except for One.

E Michelle Lee= Speaker, Author, Radio Show Host

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