2014 Ohio Campaign Coverage- TTR Radio Show Host/Journalist, E. Michelle Lee selected as Moderator for Meet The Candidates

Ad for TTR Website 9-16-14 v29-17-14, Columbus, Ohio; 2014 Ohio Campaign Coverage- TTR Radio Show Host/Journalist, E. Michelle Lee selected as Moderator for Meet The Candidates Forums on September 30th and October 2nd.

Lee has been covering the upcoming elections since last year when her producers at Talktainmentradio changed the format of her talk show from small business to politics and social commentary; with an emphasis on educating the voter to aid in their increased ability to be informed before they punch the ballot holes this coming November.

Ms. Lee has been on a mission not to endorse any one particular candidate, for either side of the aisle, but, to: educate the voter in the process and history, the reason why we all need to vote, and most emphatically, how it is not only our right to vote-as it is our duty to vote. She is often heard repeating one of her expert sources, saying,

“Congress doesn’t vote for the people-they vote for the people that show up at the polls”.

The radio talk show host, when asked what she thought about Moderating the upcoming Meet The Candidate 2014 Ohio Campaign Forums, said this: “What an honor and privilege to continue to serve my Country, State, and Community, One Nation Under God; with this opportunity to serve I can be further involved with helping to educate voters with factual information about the Candidates and Issues we will vote on in November of 2014 here in Ohio and abroad in our Great Nation as a whole”; it feels amazing and humbling to be part of history in this small way.  Along side of Moderating the two dates, September 30th and October 2nd;

TTR Radio Show Host, E. Michelle Lee will also be covering other Meet The Candidate Forums hosted by the Franklin County Consortium on Good Government and reporting live and in-studio for a local an affiliate FM station.  Ms. Lee is leaving an open invitation to ALL Candidates here and abroad to guest her show in live discussion of the platforms they stand for and against.

So that folks can get the information they need to make educated and informed votes for the people who will represent the State of Ohio’s citizens and the rest of the Nation; E. Michelle Lee, Radio Talk Show Host is willing to play the part of the “good Media” and bring real live discussion to the airwaves in the best light possible while providing information about available resources to help you get all the info you need and then some.

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