Constitution Day Celebration and Education – E Michelle Lee Show- LIVE On-Air ; This Wednesday September 17th –

9-17-14 Ad for Constitution Day Show

#EMichelleLeeShow Wed. 9-17-14

Join Radio Show Host, E. Michelle Lee, this Wednesday 12-2PM EST for a LIVE discussion about  the need for folks to stand up together the right way- especially for our Country on Constitution Day, September 17th

Plus, for our lunch-n-learn segment get the facts on the US Constitution and how important it should be reverend for our Freedom and Liberty to Continue in America.

During the second hour of the show; we’ll have lines open for discussion (877-932-9766)  and for those that want to Take The Challenge to show your patriotism for this Country!

Guess What E. Michelle’s “Are You Serious” pic of the week is????

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Tune in next week for more Conservative Radio Programming from the E. Michelle Lee Show, Wednesday’s 12-2PM EST

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