A Biblical Constitution? Is Atheism Ruining America? Why We Need To Flip The Senate on the #EMichelleLeeShow Wed. 8-13-14

8-13-14 E. Michelle Lee ShowA Biblical Constitution?

Is Atheism Ruining America?

Why We Need To Flip The Senate

on the #EMichelleLeeShow Wed. 8-13-14

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With this World in total chaos and having the most Anti-Constitutional group of House of Representatives and Senate in American History in our White House; we must consider the root of the problems we are facing.

Join Radio Show Host, E. Michelle Lee, this Wednesday 12-2PM EST for a LIVE discussion about what is truly tearing America down and how We The People can put a stop to it in November of 2014.

Plus, for our lunch-n-learn segment get the facts on our #ChristianNation and debunk the lies that our Founders did not have God in mind when writing the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. The Bible was the number one source cited when they wrote these documents. The Scientific Study done by a group of Political Scientist who spent 10 years on the project to analyze some 15,000 writings from the founding era; showed that over 34% of the quotations out of these documents, came directly from Biblical citations. Learn More on the E. Michelle Lee Show.

During the second hour of the show; we will show you how to debunk #Atheism and why it’s important to do so for the sake of American Culture.

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