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Celebrating 238 yrs of #Freedom #BecketFund Montserrat Valarado #OhioRepTimothyDerickson and #OhioRepAndyThompson
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E. Michelle Lee Show July 4th Celebration Program Lineup- 2 Hour Special

Kicking off the Celebration with Reba McEntire’s “What IF” song to encourage ALL AMERICANS to participate in the celebration of our Great Nation; America.

No recognition could be merited without our honor to that ol Flag that makes every heart covered in Freedom. Have your family stand up, cover their hearts, and say the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America’s Flag. Ask your family to remain standing for the singing of the National Anthem by 9 year old Athena Creese. Please be seated as we bring to you updates on the very issue that brought our founding fathers to these here lands in search of #ReligiousFreedom from King George during the Magna Carte. Which led them to the journey on the Mayflower by which we now have established this country with the Mayflower Compact that led to the Declaration of Independence for which our Constitution and Bill of Rights were born.

E. Michelle Lee, radio show host, one of the first reporters to interview with The Becket Fund’s Director of Development and Communications, Montserrat Alvarado, who reported on the insights of the US Supreme Court’s decision on the #HobbyLobby Case regarding the #ReligiousFreedom of business owners to refuse the Mandate of Obamacare to NOT provide 4 of the 20 contraceptives provided in Obamacare because they may cause abortion of a life that has already begun. Monste also talks about some of the other cases they are working on that pertains to the core values of America and her people. Such as the case involving, “One Nation Under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance, and the case where prisons are refusing ministers to come and preach and teach the inmates for religious grooming. Tune in to get the details. Stick around to provide your family an entire American Liberty Fun Filled Celebration and show them why it’s important to keep our heritage ALIVE!

God Bless America sung by original artist Kate Smith –  Up Next E. Michelle goes into the weekly segment, Lunch-N-Learn, finishes her interview with Monste Alvarado from The Becket Fund.

Enjoy a taste of American Heritage and History with this clip of a HBO mini series from 2008 with a reenactment of the day that the Declaration of Independence was adopted in the Continental Congress of 1776 July, 2nd. Hear actor Paul Giamatti in character of John Quincy Adams speech “While I live, Let Me Have A Country, A Free Country”. This is a must hear for every American Family. Especially while celebrating our 238th Birthday of America!

Gather the family around, hush the crowd, everyone needs to hear this; E. Michelle wraps up the segment with the reading of the Declaration of Independence by Max McLean.

A special Message from OhioRepresentative Andy Thompson
District 95.

 Listen next, as E. Michelle Lee performs a portion of a speech that the 2nd President of the USA, John Quincy Adams gave at the 61st annual celebration of such. An Oration Delivered Before the Inhabitants of the Town of Newburyport, at their request, on the Sixty-First Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1837. By John Quincy Adams. (FULL Document) (Click here for the full speech on www.Wallbuilders.com )

Continuing in the second hour of the show, and in the spirit of celebrating America, hear Elvis sing America, the Beautiful

3 things you can do as an American to ensure our History/Heritage and Freedom continues…. (see end of article for 3 tips and links to documents from Wallbuilders.com).

A special Message from Ohio Representative Timothy Derickson
District 53

Followed by a special message from Dr. David Jeremiah, first aired during the last election. Beckoning to people of faith to do their duty to God and Country and vote good men and women into office. 6min sermon

DO SOMETHING America and Protect American Freedom:

Here are three simple things you and your family can do: from Wallbuilders.com website

  1. Read the Declaration of Independence. It is both a pleasurable and a rewarding experience that should be enjoyed by every citizen. The Declaration is a deep, rich document, giving the twenty-seven reasons that America was birthed, and also setting forth in its first 155 words the six immutable principles of American government – the six principles on which the Founders later erected the Constitution of the United States – the six principles that still produce American Exceptionalism today.
  2. Learn something new about those who wrote the Declaration. Look at the names of the fifty-six signers; find one you don’t know – perhaps one you’ve never heard of before, and look him up and read a short bio about him (perhaps from sites such as Colonial Hall) or get a copy of Lives of the Signers, so that you can have a short bio about each one of the signers. In short, rediscover a new Founder.
  3. John Adams said that Independence Day “ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forevermore.” So enjoy the fireworks and parades and celebration – but also make sure to honor and thank God – make it a day celebrated “with solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty.”3

Happy Birthday America! May God continue to shed His Grace on Thee!


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July 4th 2014 HB from EML

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