Ohio State House- Share Your Story #Fibromyalgia SCR23 Testimony Hearing; this Wednesday 5-7-14

 Ohio State House Room 116- Share Your Story #Fibromyalgia SCR23 Testimony Hearing; this Wednesday 5-7-14 Contact Michelle@PRWithAPurpose.comOhio House of REps RE_ SCR23-1

Go From Invisible TO


YOUR Voice Counts

Hope you will be there!

IF you are to be heard you must register to speak.

Email Deadline for Testimony, late Monday night- 5-5-14

Email Deadline to be of record in attendance- Tuesday 5-6-14

NO registration needed to be there in the audience as supporters.

THANK YOU FOR ANY PARTICIPATION- #FibromyalgiaAwareness 5-1-14 Fibro Graphics

Please share this with local and news papers; what a story and journey this has been; finally we will be seen. At least in Ohio we will and hopefully abroad. I am committed to helping others overcome and reach ahead!

IF you would like to be a part of Ohio History and support #FibromyalgiaAwareness

Please select one of the following:
1) Like to attend the finale hearing for the https://exceptionstotherules.wordpress.com/fibromyalgia-2014-walkrun/details/#FibromyalgiaMay12thDAy now hearing testimony this coming Wednesday in Ohio State House Room 116- Please do come.
2)If you would like to be on record for your attendance where you would simply state your name, city, and a brief paragraph about #FM as you know it- OR
3) you would like to prepare a written testimony (Submit via email By Late Monday Night)  AND/OR speak your testimony during the hearing .–

Feel free to pick one of the options above and send me an email by the deadline. Michelle@PRWithAPurpose.com

Thank you for support #Fibromyalgia and the awareness for “Silent Tears No More”.

Find Out about the Walk To Cure FM-OHio 1K Fun Walk and 5K Run.  Click Here for details and registration. 

8X11 WalkTo Cure FM-OHio Card w- Registration 3-10-14 FRONT

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