FREE Demo TODAY at Victory Fitness East- Exceptions Full Body Aqua Workout

TODAY IS MEMBER APPRECIATION DAY (GUEST WELCOMED) JOIN US for a whole lotta fun while learning about your health and how to take care of it! 5-3-14 Victory Fitness Membership Appreciation Day


E. Michelle Lee, Radio Show Host and advocate for #Fibromyalgia, an instructor at Victory Fitness Centers of Ohio is inviting you to come to the East Location TODAY at 3981 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43213- to DEMO the Exceptions AQUA Full Body Workout at 10:45-11:45 AM.  While this program has been designed especially for those who have #FM and/or some type of #ChronicPain; don’t be fooled- plan to bust your chops to reach your goal and love it at the same time, while you better your health and relieve your #PAIN. Victory Fitness Center AD 2-15-14

PLUS YOU CAN REGISTER FOR The #WalkToCureFMOHio 1K/5K Race at Wolfe Park coming up on May 18th and door prizes and a RAFFLE of a Cleveland Cavaliers Basket Ball Signed by the whole Team to help raise funds for #FibromyalgiaAwareness in Ohio.

Many health professionals and workout specialist have reported that aquatics is the way to go to better health.  For many reasons science has proven that this type of work out is much better and safer for overall health.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not strenuous enough to get a cardio workout in either. Plus it is great to be able to use equipment in the water that can aid in strength building as well as balance, range of motion, and core stability.

As reported in the Columbus Dispatch, Physicians favor Aqua Exercise Excerpted: “I think the water breaks up the pounding in the ground and strengthens muscle groups that you can’t find on land,” said Dr. Jason Dapore, a sports-medicine physician at the McConnell Spine, Sport & Joint Center at Riverside Methodist Hospital. “The buoyancy supports the body weight and strengthens muscles without the full body weight on the joints.”

From WebMD and the Fibromyalgia Health Center DR. Doris Cope, MD, director of Pain Management at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.       said in the article, “Studies show that walking, stretching, and strength training all help control fibromyalgia pain and muscle tenderness. Exercise just three times a week improves life on many levels. Exercise can relieve fatigue and depression, as well as help people feel better about themselves, more in charge of their lives. ”

There are many credible authorities and experts who are familiar with #FM that will tell you water workouts are the way to go. I for one will tell you it has saved my life.  That is why after gaining my strength back from a long stretch of time of not be able to do anything (5 years); I am now active and vibrant again! In fact, I believe in this way of exercise and health so much that I took training and certification classes with the Exercise Safety Association (ESA) and became a Certified Water Instructor at Victory Fitness Center so that I could help others do the same!

TODAY- come and join me for a FREE DEMO of the Exceptions Full Body Workout at 10:45 AM and see for yourself what you can do at your own fitness level.  JUST have some fun with it today.  PLUS today happens to be VFC Members Appreciation Day where you can possibly WIN a membership to the club and get the CLASSES FOR FREE! Stop by my table and REGISTER

See ya there,

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