Ohio State Capitol Senate Hearing CR23 9am Wednesday January 22nd RE: Fibromyalgia

Join US Jan 22 at State of Ohio Fibromyalgia Proclamation 2013S. C. R. No. 23-Burke, Cafaro; National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day-May 12, 2014 2nd Hearing-Proponent.

Radio Show Host and fibromyalgia sufferer E Michelle Lee testifies before Senate Medicaid, Health and Human Services Committee         Wednesday, January 22nd , 9am;  in hopes to secure a resolution that will aide in the awareness of the UN-recognized community of  fibromyalgia sufferers.   Dr. Kevin Hackshaw, MD Associate Professor of Medicine, Fellowship Director, Rheumatology; The Ohio State University College of Medicine provides written testimony in support of the resolution.

Plans are being made to use the CR23 resolution to bring more awareness to the growing epidemic of #Fibromyalgia as it has affected 10 million plus American Citizens.  Coming up in the month of May 2014, radio show host E Michelle Lee is scheduled to key note the 7th Annual PriSecreations Mother’s Day Brunch where the cause for finding a cure for FMS has been selected as this years medical cause awareness campaign. Ms. Priscilla Sales-Weeks has been a supporter of Ms. Lee since appearing as a guest on her show and learning about the cause to bring the purple to the people.

for more information contact Michelle@FibroCoach4U.com

PriseCreation Ribbons and box E Michelle Lee

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