58 Million Votes can come from this one group, Find out who from Dr. David Crowe on the E Michelle Lee show- Thursday 10-10-13

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Tune in as our Conservative Talk Show Host, #EMichelleLee interviews Dr. David Crowe, President and Founder of Restore America  LIVE Thursday 10-10-13 on the E Michelle Lee Show 6-7 PM EST . Have a question or comment Call 877-932-9766 during the show.

 david-crowe headshotTune in and find out what Dr. David Crowe says about:

Christians who don’t vote

What Christians need to know about their duty to God is when it comes to being involved in politics and life.

How to make sure that America remains a Christian Nation.

Get the facts on it all,, how many of the 58million Christians eligible to vote, voted in the 2008, 2012 elections.  What it will take to make sure all eligible voters, VOTE to keep America Strong.

Feel free to call in with questions  at 877-932-9766, Use this link to listen LIVE 6PM EST http://www.talktainmentradio.com/shows/exceptions.html

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