Heidi Huber LIVE Today on the E Michelle Lee show- Get educated on Common Core Curriculum in Ohio

10-03-13 Heidi Huber on E Michelle Lee Show

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Tune in as our Conservative Talk Show Host, #EMichelleLee interviews Heidi Huber, President and Founder of Ohioans Against Common Core  LIVE Today on the E Michelle Lee Show 6-7 PM EST . Have a question or comment Call 877-932-9766 during the show.

 Heidi Huber Headshot 10-03-13Tune in and find out what Heidi Huber says about:

The 2010 Race to the Top grant committed Ohio to national, copyrighted standards, federally prescribed teacher evaluations, national assessments and federally dictated data mining fundamentally changing education for every Ohio student. There was NO legislative process.

Repeal all the assurances of the Race to the Top grant and require all future revised standards to be developed and subjected to proper evaluation within Ohio’s education and local communities.

Get behind HB237, Ohio’s Common Core Repeal Bill sponsored by Rep. ThompsonRep Andy Thompson HeadShot.

Huber say’s, “If Common Core is put through the legislative process it will not stand. It is a completely unproven and untested program heaped upon Ohio for a one-time chance at federal “prize” money.”

Get the facts on it all,, Teachers and Concerned Parents are welcome to call in with questions on #CCSS .

Feel free to call in with questions  at 877-932-9766, Use this link to listen LIVE 6PM EST http://www.talktainmentradio.com/shows/exceptions.html

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