#DefundObamaCare LIVE Discussion on The E Michelle Lee Show-

8-27-13 E Michelle Lee ShowTune in this Thursday to the E. Michelle Lee show for a live discussion on #DefundObamaCare.

LIVE 6-7PM EST on Talktainmentradio.com


Call in w/ questions or comments- 877-932-9766

Educate the voteGet educated on the facts before you sit back and do nothing to stop this harmful bill.   Senator Ted Cruz believes we still have time to do something. WE can FUND all other aspects of the government’s budget EXCEPT ObamaCare.  Do you agree that’s a good solution? We do.

Stop listening to “Looming Government Shutdown” stories made up by media; that’s not the true story. Hear what the people want, they want government out of their health care and private lives. Evidenced by the various polls across the land. What do you say? Give us a call and let us know- 877-932-9766 Thurs. 6-7PM EST LIVE.

Tune in to find out why it is so important to educate yourself on this, quickly, so your voice can be heard.  Time is running out, they are supposed to vote on the HILL on this next week or so. We have to let our voice be heard before then. This is the People’s Politics- not the government. At least listen to the information that is being reported. Then You decide how you want your healthcare and how much information you want the government having access to about you. Don’t let the government decide for you. #DefundIT

What’s your vote (have you reviewed the facts)Will you be ready to sign the petition-

defund-banner-bgSIGN THE PETITION TODAY- http://heritageaction.com/defund/

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