#DefundObamaCare Conservative Town Hall in Columbus, OH 8-27-13 By E Michelle Lee

defundtourslideOn Tuesday, August twenty-seventh, 2013, former Senator and now President of Heritage Action For America, Jim DeMint brought along a team of inspirational, committed, and determined individuals to help educate the Columbus Tour Stop Crowd on the harm that ObamaCare will do to us all including the economy. They each came with vigor and passion for this great cause to save the American people from #Obamacare .  Their message was clear, There is still time to change this thing around before it is too late!  Sign the Petition, “Defund Obamacare” .  There is another vote that will happen in September 2013 that can stop this, contact your congressmen tell them to DefundObamacare.

Rev Rafael Cruz Prayer Commencement Conservative Town Hall 8-27-13Senator Ted Cruz’s father, Reverend Rafael Cruz, led the Town Hall Meeting opening with a prayer, as the eight hundred plus American Citizens  present, followed with  the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America Flag.800 plus people Defundobamacare Conservative Town Hall meeting  8-27-13

Open Question ForumDefundobamacare dream team Conservative Town Hall meeting panel 8-27-13 2.jpg 3

Senator Jim Demint President of Heritage Action for America Town Hall 8-27-13Jim DeMint, said, ” Our goal as Conservatives is to make sure all Americans have health insurance.”

and in order to have it we have to remember this:

It’s your country ‘We The People’. America, let’s take it back. DeMint said, “I’ve never known Americans to be a people who are afraid of a fight.” We are Americans!

Mike Needham CEO Heritage Action for America  8-27-13Mike Needham, CEO of Heritage Action For America explains why it is vital that American’s know the real truths behind the smoke screen of thousands of pages of a hidden agenda that will make you sick. #DefundObamaCare sentinel-logo

Jim Demint E Michelle LeeFormer Senator and President of Heritage Action For America, Jim DeMint pictured with E Michelle Lee, budding Conservative Talkshow host and Conservative getting on the schedule to interview him on the show.

Sign the petition: Defund Obamacare

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