Conservative Grassroots effort to create a Tsunami to help America Rise

8-27-13 E Michelle Lee ShowCalling all American Citizens to an effort of a collective body of people to support “We the People” in regaining the way in which we live our lives today in America the beautiful.

Our America as we know it has gone to the dogs.  We can either sit around and take up space to complain OR we can get together on this and turn things around. It’s a choice that I hope you make for the better. Choose life, liberty, and justice for all.  Join me, help me, help you, your family, your country. Stand up for what we believe in and have fought for so long to maintain.

How can we just sit by and let one administration destroy what we have labored to create for so long?  Values and ways of life that work for growth, happiness,peace; America.  How can so many forsake the privilege to be an American by slapping her in the face.  If you don’t like our ways, go somewhere else that is more suited for you and yours. Here in America, it’s God, Family, and Country.

Join us every Thursday LIVE 6PM EST on the E. Michelle Lee Show; a conservative grassroots effort to regain the honor to call ourselves Americans by standing up for her values and ways of life!

Please note the all new E Michelle Lee Show is being developed from the Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show.  This change is being implemented so that online and in print we will now be: the E Michelle Lee Show- a conservative talk show providing a platform to engage the people and representatives whom lean far to the right to do the right thing for America!



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