Rallying the Troops- just like me- Get ready America

Albert Einstien Quote- The Woman Who Follows the crowdEach of us want to matter, right?  I think so.  Scientist and psychologist note that humans thrive because of their nature to exist in being remembered for something they might have contributed.

Yet, when daily we strive to make that happen, we encounter variables that UN-indoubtedley shake, rattle, and roll our own thinking and perception of why we are here in this world.  I have to admit the thought permeates from my mind as well, on a daily basis.

So what can we do to satisfy that hunger for meaning and purpose?  We can learn to listen to our most inner urging and find our path to tread.  How can we, we take the first step to our peace and freedom by yielding to that calling.  When we are finally ready to realize our future, we can begin to focus on where we are going in life.  Now for the big one, Why?

Some would say many things regarding the process I have gone through these  past few years. But they don’t know or understand my calling. What they should be doing instead of trying to measure my status is focus on creating a measuring stick for themselves.  The Good Lord did not promise that any of our reward would be on this earth, but he will add it in the life to come.

As we are learning as we go about the #Conservative side of life; we must confirm ………I can do all things WarriorWhose conservative side we are on?

As we explore the possibilities of what it is that we can each do to strengthen our country tis of thee sweet land of liberty, to thee I sing; America the Beautiful; we must first decide what it is at the end of the day that matters and who does it matter to?

Recently I have found many definitions of #Conservative views, politics, and life.  Still, I find few who are willing to give credit to our Creator for those values.

I’m committed to existing in this life with purpose.  I hope in the coming weeks to get you to join me and help rally the troops of Conservatives to stand for what we believe as a collective body of Christ to set the record straight for America.  America is a Christian Nation and we will not let others destroy our blessings from God.

Elections are coming 2014-2016; WE The People need to be ready to do the right thing!

God Bless America , more to come

Send and email to E. Michelle Lee at Michelle@EMichelleLee.com



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