Radio Show Host E Michelle Lee does a 190 from Biz Talk to #ConservativeTalk

8-19-13 E Michelle Lee ShowFor months Executive Producer and Co-founder and Owner of , Khari Enaharo and Senior Producer Eddie Dozier  encouraged host #EMichelleLee that she really needed to answer to the clear call of duty to match her God Given natural and raw talent as a #Conservative #TalkshowHost .  Ms. Lee recalls that for the most part she ran the other way each time confronted with the idea to switch her show from focusing on helping entrepreneurs with resources to helping portray the pressing issues affecting our country by using talk politics to bring awareness.

Lee said she remembers once being told by a supervisor of her internship at the Ohio State House, “don’t go into politics Michelle, be a teacher”.  She took that as good advice and stayed away from the arena of administrative law and switched to corporate law after she had witnessed how much crap hard-working public servants had to take from the “We the people” because of the not so hard-working public servants who took from the “We The People”.

Ms. Lee had started her radio show Exceptions To The Rules back in August 2012 to help entrepreneurs and small business owners by promoting them and helping them find resources.  The show featured over 300+ small local and national businesses while providing hundreds of resources, marketing tools (advertisements, PR ), prizes, and motivational moments tagged with “Good Cause” events that supported community revitalization.

Each week the Exceptions To The Rules show featured a National Celebrity, Local Small Business, Resources and a Good Cause.  The show also served as a HUB to connect local, state, federal bodies of supporting government to small businesses as well as many national and international private and non-profit organizations who at the end of the day shared a common interest with Ms. Lee in helping to bring help to those who need help. She wanted to be The Exception To The Rules by hosting a positive motivational theme.

Then, the day finally came that broke the camels back and took her breath away, said Ms. Lee.  She realized that maybe, just maybe, she could serve her community and country on a larger scale that would ultimately bring prosperity, life, and liberty. She hoped to bring hope that it still exist, to her fellow Americans. When she realized that she was born for such a time as this and that all of her life long experiences, education, and talents and skills had prepared her to step up to the plate of public service once again; she agreed it’s time.  Time to use what she has overcome to help others see and believe that it’s not just our circumstances that we need to change; it’s ourselves that need to change. And when we believe that there is enough Grace to go around and allow others that same opportunity to Achieve the American Dream for themselves and their livelihoods; then WE THE PEOPLE can truly stand together again!

Ms. Lee said this ALL NEW Show, the #EMichelleLeeShow  is in the stages of development just like she is; “Learnin As WE gO”.  With this new chapter of her life commitment to help others to help herself, she will be lighting the airwaves from a #ChristianConservatives point of view.  She makes it real clear that she has never worn a “halo”  and that she has never really met anyone,  face to face, that could claim they have one.  The only one to ever be perfect was Jesus Christ Himself. And He is busy trying to save those that are not spotless.  Which in fact, is the very fabric of America, the ones who need God most; people who don’t know God or have put Him in their back pockets. If republicans and conservatives really want to expand their reach and get the vote. Then they have to open the doors to all who believe and make them feel welcomed and not like a minority.

The E Michelle Lee Show will give a voice to #Conservative #Christians who have had enough time being quiet and dormant and a platform for Candidates in the upcoming political races; especially the Conservative/Republican Candidates.

She hopes to encourage and inspire the thirty million #Christians who sat home during the last political storm in 2008 as reported by Chuck Norris in his address to Christians Nationwide to get out and vote during the 2012 hurricane of a political race.

Stay tuned for more details. Please keep in mind that the online presence of Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show will take some time to migrate to the ALL NEW E Michelle Lee Show.



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