IT Caught up with me today; Fibromyalgia Cycle and Season Changes

If you could see our pain the intensity would blind youSpider Nerves FibroFM Pain would blow your mind if you were not a sufferer of it and was all of a sudden given it as a gift to try for a while. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain ain’t no joke. I have had it for many years, 20+.

      Nineteen major surgeries to date; here I am caught in the mix of a 4 times a year, season change.  Each one has its own bite. The season changing to Winter (Cold) is the worst for me and then Summer (Heat). I love Spring and Fall on most days except for the first 2-3. Season Changes are rough on FM sufferers.

Today, is the third day in a row my body has been giving me fits with growing velocity as the climate changes; I am really feeling IT, aka FM.  Fibro Cycle

It appears that we have skipped over having a full spring and going right into Summer conditions. 

How do I know, my body tells me so.  The graphic above highlights the bigger picture of the cycle of a person who has FM; without the gory details of daily aches, pain, limitations, and humiliates.    Be Encouraged, there are better days ahead and you know it; you gotta make sure you are ready to catch the wave of short, intermittent, increased levels of  ability when those days come.  the only choice we have to be strong

Contrary to popular belief while it isn’t all in our head, it very well comes from the core of our brain. The problem and the solution from the same place, imagine that.  Not from the same regions of the cortex of course, but in the same space.

We have the problem stemming from the central nervous system wearing us down mentally and physically. YET, we have the power of mind over matter through prayer and belief that each new day may be one less pain to bear coming from another area of the brain.

“You have everything you need to succeed, deep down inside of you; just dig a little deeper”          E.M. Lee (2011) 

encouragement doing the best I canThere are day’s that your mind, body, and spirit just need to rest and replenish. If you beat your body up too badly, you may cause it to trigger a major FM attack and be down for longer had you taken the the time to be ready for season change. My advice, be prepared. Even doctors have stated in many recent articles that they are noticing a drastic increase in their Fibro patients coming in for office visits during this year.  Especially at key markers, season changes.  Specifically, here in Ohio, our recent guest for our Fibromyalgia Awareness month on my Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show this May, Dr. Hackshaw said we are affected by Ohio’s barometric pressure.  Be sure to tune in the rest of the month for our shows helping FM and Chronic Pain Sufferers.


  1. You can listen to FREE Podcast of previous shows featuring FM and our expert team on our show page on . Click here and then scroll down to “Featured Podcast”, don’t forget to check out the Archives, click there to open its own page as well.
  2. Free Weekly Conference CAll with E Michelle Lee, @FibroCoach4U
  3. YouTube Videos to educate, motivate, and bring awareness to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain on our channel, BackToTheBasicOfLife,,, we have several playlist that will help you be encouraged, up to date, and inspired to live a better life over the pain.
  4. Our Google+ account has the journey of E Michelle Lee on her own road to victory over FM- She is spearheading many efforts to bring local and national attention to the need for educating individuals and medical professionals on this topic.
  5. Pinterest Boards, to help bring comfort and help to those hurting with the invisible disease through tear filled eyes that cry for help me rid this pain.

For now, again I tell you, be encouraged, I myself am having one of those days that I have to say to Ms. FM, “so we fight another day”.  But today,, I am going to move through the pain,, by: Getting Over IT,, off to my water class; I go whether I like it or notMe in Edwinas class.  ON Tuesday’s I practice my own class to prepare for when I get a sponsor for certification.

If you are interested in supporting or want more information about the Exceptions Get Over IT Challenge’s Nationwide Project; please send an email to 

We can help bring Awareness to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain together. IN the mean time, we take one step at time to the hope of a cure.poem for fibro cpa

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