The Discovery of “It’s Possible” w/ Les Brown, E Michelle Lee, first time listener

5-16-13 Les Brown HeadshotHow’d ya like that title?  Got your attention ay?  Good, am pleased to have ya stop by .

Many times on this wordpress blog you’ll find educational, announcements,RESOURCES  and promotions of others.  On Sunday’s I do get to share a few personal growth thoughts in my Sunday Reflections Column .

But today, a normal business day; I thought to share a few tips to encourage you not to give up.  Keep your basket filled with what you need to persevere. And most importantly; keep the FAITH factor on High Gear. 

With All this planning, managing, researching, broadcasting, pitching, appearances, and so forth about the Exceptions Get Over IT Challenge to help people with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain to overcome; my mind, body, and spirit has become somewhat taxed.  Not to fear, I am already on it. Picking through my own basket for the tools I need to replenish and recharge for the next chapter. You can know this, I’m feelin it!5-16-13 KeepBasketFull

I’ve always had my plan of action on a set aside prepared for moments like this, when life is life, and sometimes gets the best of us.

For those of us who choose to dust off the knees and move on for the next lesson; we know its an adventure not a punishment. Isn’t life fun, y’all?? Of course it is, just be sure to keep your own basket full; especially if you are filling the baskets of others.

Continuing reading to see if what I used to get a second wind will help you get over your own bump in the road,,,,,As I was feeling a bit beat up, I knew it was time to pull out some motivation to get me through it.  I am so, not, willing to look left or right away from my path that I hope is this time straight forward.6-14-12 Focus

I am not forgetting what was given for me to do and the tools and talents that I have to make it happen this year, 2013

“Now Is The Time” (5)


That’s why I am sharing with you, as a first time hearer, of Les Brown, Motivational Speaker this video that I watched this morning and was able to see I am on target; just gotta keep moving on, keepin on, and being strong.

For Such a time as this… on the video at this time: 51:05— For Such A Time As This  — We were born—(E Michelle Lee’s comment-“God Speaks to us in different ways- visible, silent, words, visions, dreams, numbers, symbols, and more… to each it is different”).

Here are a few more of my thoughts that I picked out and was inspired to keep on keeping on TODAY. Just today look to the future of how God plans to use me regardless of my shortcomings, faults, or circumstances. It’s always been a part of His plan to place me where He wants me to be. It may not be where I would want to be. But if He sends me, what else can I do but to be realized in that I am honored and priveledged to be in His service.  I just gotta be willing to reach all of my potential and go through some stuff and then some more stuff to do what I am destined to do For Such A Time As This..

5-16-13 Les Brown Official Web BannerLes Brown – It’s Possible (FULL)

Mr. Brown, would you be my guest on my radio show for entrepreneurs and small business owners?  Love to interview you! Regards, E Michelle Lee, HOst of Exceptions To The Rules

There are people waiting to make sure you don’t reach your happiness

 You gotta align yourself with people who can see it with you.

 Non affirming relationships can hurt you

 Necessity is not the mother of invention, refusing to accept things the way that they are is the mother of invention

People that can’t see it for themselves can’t see it for you.

Where have you been, why are you here? And where are you going?

What people think about you and the possibilities of your dreams, is none of your business. That’s their business.

 Love your infectious laugh—- Mr. Brown

 Its not over until I win; you got that right

 Faith and patience drives you into action. You got to keep moving.

 You gotta have faith and that faith gives you patience. You gotta deal with it and handle it as it comes.   Keep plugging away

Takes 5 years to grow.  Process everyday water, fertilize the ground. Doesn’t break through the ground until 5th. 5 weeks it breaks through and grows 90 ft. tall.

? is does it grow 90 ft in 5 days or 5 years.  5 years,,

 Conversation in the neighborhood is: you growing a Chinese bamboo tree right??? How long you been working on this, you have nothing to show,,, people gonna do that to you.

Some people quit,, and stop growing their dream.  You gotta job here???

 The Chinese bamboo tree 5yrs in the ground nothing showing,, 5 weeks

 Its hard            It’s difficult       and      It’s Worth it!

Thanks again Mr. Les Brown, Enjoy the video on You Tube

You can contact me at

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