Exceptions “Get Over IT Challenge” for FM and Chronic Pain Sufferers leading up to 2014 Columbus, Ohio “Walk To Cure FM” Planning and Registration beginning next week

E Michelle Lee is ready to “Walk To Cure FM” are you C-Bus???????? Do you Think we can get enough support from the Fibromyalgia community and those who live, work, and play with those who have FM for a 2014 Campaign? I Believe We Can. Wish me blessings as I approach NFMCPA to see if they will bring the “Walk To Cure FM” to COlumbus, OHio  In Studio  E Michelle Lee   Walk For The Cure  5-9-13

The “Walk to CURE FM” brings people together in a community to increase understanding and education of fibromyalgia.  1K & 5K walks for May 12 National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day raises awareness of the ten million Americans (3-4% of population) who suffer with this illness.     “Walk to CURE FM” is a key event for the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association headquartered in Logan, Utah.

Several local sister “Walk to CURE FM” events occur around the U.S.   In 2011, inaugural Walk to CURE FM events were launched in Logan and Philadelphia.  

Guess What Gang, I clicked Start your 2014 Campaign.  Let’s Take the Challenge Folks, here’s what you do, for those of you who have FM and plan to walk in the C-Bus 2014 May 12 “Walk To Cure FM” take the Exceptions Get Over IT Challenge and get your body in shape before the walk. For those of you interested in in this annual event please contact Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show Host, E. Michelle Lee for more details at: Michelle@PRWithAPurpose.com .

We look forward to your joining/Sponsoring E Michelle Lee and the Exceptions To The Rules for the 2014 Columbus, Ohio Cause to

“Walk To Cure FM” for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain.  pledge-to-care-logo-finalmake-FM-visible-and-care-FINAL-2013

Let’s take this year to plan, train, and get healthy so we can all be ready for next May 12th, 2014 C-Bus; “Walk To Cure FM”

Join the host,              E. Michelle Lee for the “Exceptions Get Over IT Challenge” on TalktainmentRadio.comExceptions Radio Show 5-13 Firbromyalgia Awareness

One response to “Exceptions “Get Over IT Challenge” for FM and Chronic Pain Sufferers leading up to 2014 Columbus, Ohio “Walk To Cure FM” Planning and Registration beginning next week

  1. Hello My name is Sybil. I am 31 yrs old, have 2 amazing children (7 & 2) amd have been diagnosed with FM. This disease literally rules not only mine but my entire familys lives. Thankfully, the good Lord has blessed me with a supportive husband & understanding children. I wish I could attend this event but we are all the way in Texas 🙂 I know it will be a success and I too hope one day for a cure for this painful , silent disease.

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