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Exceptions Radio Show 4-25----5-2Tune in this Thursday to the show at 6PM EST LIVE- Lot’s of exciting news, info, and more on the E Michelle Lee Show- We’ve Got Lois Lane Event’s in the studio- Tennille McDaniel sharing on to start Planting for your EVENT’s- ARe you an Event Planner? If so, learn something from a highly requested peer in our industry. Get Exceptions Resources, Spin The Prize Wheel, Updates on the New Upcoming Segment, and have a little fun re-energizing for round 2 of your day! CAll 877-932-9766 Listen 2 Win Click this LINK to Listen LIVE

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Be A Caller 877-932-9766 for your chance to Spin the Exceptions Prize WheelExceptions Radio Show Prize Wheel [Recovered]

  Listen to Win and call 877-932-9766.  The Exceptions PRIZE vault is filled with all kinds of stuff that is geared to help individuals be encouraged and business owners to gain resources for their business.

David Kirkbride, Kirkbride Lawn Care choses as Exceptions Small Business Pick of the Week.

Exceptions Resource Alert: For this one you have to tune in,, 🙂

Business News Tips and Info Local, State, and Abroad

New Segment Coming Soon– tune in today for a sneak peek.

 E. Michelle Lee, Host of the Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show interviews Tennille McDaniels, Lois Lane Events ; Today LIVE

4-25-13 Lois Lane Events LOGO

4-25-13 Tenille McDaniel

Tennille McDaniels, Founder& CEO of

Join the conversation, the show is LIVE , call 877-932-9766

Exceptions Radio Show 5-13 Firbromyalgia Awareness

Support Fibromyalgia Awareness, get your business commercial featured on the show. (send email to for more details and pricing)

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