3 TIPS to keep Promotions Rolling-Self Promotion can only go so far-

4-5-13 pic by giovannilivera ME Have you ever been in a situation where you find that folks are only concerned with their own promotions and  they forget about you when you are promoting something?

Often times I hear folks say to me that I should promote my own business more than what I do. I agree with them to some degree because I don’t do it enough for PRWithAPurpose.com or any of the other segments of my business.

     Being a publicist, for hire for the promotions of others; it just doesn’t feel right to self promote .  However, since I have a new perspective for my business and realization that it is a misconception that I can or- “Will work for FREE”, NOT; things are about to change because we must keep the lights on to keep on keeping on with the good stuff we do for the community at large.

PR With A Purpose E Michelle Lee logoPR With A Purpose wants to help educate folks about public relations and promotions in that we all understand the only true way PR and Promotions will work is when  all parties are involved; truly involved.

Keep in mind that folks can see the big picture in the end when all that shows up on your social media is ALL ABOUT YOU!  That’s not social media. That is self promotion to the extreme.  And that’s just rude and unprofessional in my opinion.4-5-13 Right Wrong Teeter Totter DepositPhotos

Here are few tips to help you have Etiquette in mind when utilizing social media for business relationship growth and customer expansion. 

TIPS: 3 TIPS to keep Promotions Rolling

  1- Learn More About Self Promotion, If you are doing it right, you can’t go wrong.  Read, learn, about the stuff that matters to you and your business and your customer / B2B interactions.

Before you self promote get the how too’s 🙂

2.  The Golden Rule is key to mastering Social Media for your business. Don’t just read it or say it, live it. And remember to always,             Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! 4-5-13 the Brenestein Bears Golden Rule

3.  When you see others promoting you, find opportunities that they can see you promote them too.  Interact with them. A simple thank you or link to their site or event or product doesn’t take a lot of your time. But it sure does show a lot about your character and professionalism or lack thereof.

Zig Ziglar You can have everythingMy lessons are from experience. They may seem a little rough or straightforward at times. If they seem that way to you, then they are probably not going to help you as I would like for them to do.  But for those of us who get that we need to nurture all aspects of self, before we serve, or continue to serve others; we get it and we want growth that comes from teaching and learning the right and wrong ways of doing something so that we can try and do it better.

Self-Promotion is a necessary evil to doing business. But it doesn’t have to be necessarily evil or so self-centered.  There is a right and wrong choice for every action taken.  So choosing the right way to self promote to gain awareness and prospects for your business is far better than looking like a sole-promoter.  Remember to study it before you do it and continue to learn more about promotions for you, your business, and fellow business colleagues.

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Thank you in advance for your Give Back 2 Pay Forward- Be An Exceptions To The Rules

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