Good Friday- Remeber the cause of ALL humanity to be spared

Good Friday 2013 by E Michelle Lee

  Photo Taken By: E. Michelle Lee at the Cambridge, Ohio Living Word Outdoor Drama Theater.

     If there is ever a time to stand that time is now.  Share what today’s celebration of Good Friday represents, it is the reason why we have all our freedoms. 

At Approximately 9am this morning they would have hung our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ upon the Cross at Calvary.  If you are not aware of why and how, please make it your business and take the responsibility to educate yourself and teach your children.  Remember what Jesus said, … paraphrase. (if you want me to know you in my Kingdom, you had better know me in yours.).

At around noon today, Good Friday, Jesus would be beginning his next three hours of the most gruesome pain and agony that will last for another three hours until He came to His last breath. With time calculations, which no one can say for sure only round about believed to be so,   Jesus of Nazareth died at around three pm in the day.  Why?  Because He came to this world in the form of man to provide the ultimate sacrifice to God to cover the sins of humankind.   That in a nutshell my friend is the love God has for me and you.

I believe in a God who parts red seas and does many things as He continues to try and get our attention to save us from Sin’s Effects.  They rejected Him then and they reject Him now. 

I implore ALL Christian Bible Believing People to share the importance of today with at least one person in this World.  However, you celebrate, celebrate with a friend.  Don’t worry this holiday is not really commercialized and won’t cost you a thing, gift, or party.  There are very few unfortunately who even pay attention to it.  But be rest assured, you need what today represents for you and your family to live happy, peaceful lives in the arms of the Creator who so graciously loves you.  God Loves you so much He sent His Son to Die for your sins so you might have life ever lasting.

God Bless America, For a Nation Who recognizes Him is blessed and will prosper. E Michelle Lee     Good Friday To All, please         

take a moment and bow your head at 3PM today to acknowledge “It is finished” But Don’t Despair, Sunday is Coming

Sunday’s Coming The voice for Sunday’s Comin’ is Pastor John L. Jefferson.Video

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