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Press Release

Exceptions-“PR With A PURPOSE”

Weekend camping business support conference for Adults:             Small Business Camping Conference

WHAT: Internal/external Strength building, resource connection, Motivational Conference: to support business owners and economic growth and development

WHEN: June-22,23,24th  2012 (Check for dates and description of each camp)

WHERE: The Woodland Altars A. E. Camp Grounds Conferencing Center and home of the School of Discovery, Peebles, Ohio (Southern, Ohio)

WHO: Support Small Business Owners with a time to refresh while they have some fun and team building activities to help boost their metabolism and their passion and perseverance for doing business.  Resources and Vendors will be available to help those who want to call it a working weekend. Saturday activities while being fun will be geared toward providing adult biz campers activities, tips, and motivation with business oriented people in mind.


 Peebles, OH –Spring – Summer- Fall of 2013 – The Exceptions-“PR With A Purpose” has partnered with  The Woodland Altars A. E. Camp, Retreat, Conference Center and School of Discovery to provide a time of rest and rejuvenation for business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals, affected by this economic energy draining recession. “Woodland Altars 2013 Adult Camping Series ” with a theme of  team building and strengthening of adults ,  in conjunction with Exceptions- “PR With A Purpose” is sponsoring a value packed low cost weekend camping experience to help connect resources and well being to the backbone of our country, small business owners:  tickets may be purchased at

   For more details ……………………

Currently there is much discussion around the subject of “what it will take” to ignite this economy and small business which is statistically shown as being the backbone of the economy. I can tell you what it will take and show you how this camping series can kick start it into action.  It takes rest, fun, exercise, good food, motivation, inspiration, and every now and then a pat on the back for no reason or a kick in the rump for good reason.  Small business owners need a chance to revamp their go-gettem spirit.

 Coming on board to support the efforts, mission, and passion of this community outreach for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners will be Ms. E. Michelle Lee, Radio Show Host & Columnist , and Publicist. The encourager, motivator, and supporter of those elite people who are exceptions to the rules and who have exhibited the makings of Give Back 2 Pay Forward into their heart first and business second.  

  We are still looking for sponsors to help bring down the expenses:

 These events are registered with at:

 Written By:                                                                                                   E. Michelle Lee,  Publicist                    

Exceptions-“PR With A Purpose”

 The 2013 Exceptions-“PR With A Purpose” Cause is

Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and individuals who have been broken in this economic treacherous recession of our time. (See more online at: ).

 Community Involvement Creates “PR With a Purpose” (A.K.A.- An Opportunity for economic growth)  join  E. Michelle Lee and Woodland A.E. Camping for this community outreach and resource rich supporting economic growth.

 The Woodland Altar’s Camping Weekends for Adults offers a variety of education, support and resources:

 This camping series has been designed to encourage and motivate the campers and help connect them to the resources they need where other programs cannot. It will teach them how to be consistent in their own routines and how to motivate them when they need a swift kick or need help propelling to the next level.

This all matters to us when we expect to have the economy that is strong, healthy, and stable. IF We want growth we have to nurture the seeds, a.k.a people.

      The Woodlands camping experience at any level provides the campers with team building activities held on either one of Woodland A.E.’s  football length fields equipped with various outdoor exercise and adult learning gadgets as well as the School of Discovery house used to acquaint learners with nature and creature, a swimming pool with a huge water slide and new pool house, Mini Golf, 3 acre stocked lake, hiking ( Bird & Heritage Trail, Appalachian Discovery trails) and a fully operated commercial kitchen on this 485 acre fully loaded camping grounds conference center and vacation resort.


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