Exceptions Radio Show last night rocked Women’s History Month with some odd choices of Women to Honor- See what makes these women Exceptions To The Rules

Great Show last night; I’ll share the link for the podcast soon as it is uploaded on the TTR site. 3-14-13 PIC by Exceptions PR With A PurposeWomens History MOnth 2013 Susan Boyle


Women Business Owners of Today 3-14-13Our guest and feature story for this week’s Woman owned business spotlight for Women’s History Month, March 2013, Christine Dubyts, President of Women Business Owner Today International Magazine, shared some great insights on the show last night about the when, what, why, and how Women are beautifully designed different and are somewhat better for it! 

Amazing thoughts, certified data, and popular vote , with a tad bit of of sheer confidence, surefootedness, and soft grace was displayed by Mrs. Dubyts as she shared her 3 top Women of Influence from yester years till date with special recognition of her teenage daughter whom she believes is her top pick of motivation and inspiration that drives her passion for love, life, and work.  Dubyts also shared her thoughts on the popular discussion of major differences in the way in which we as women work differently than do our male counterparts. She noted that Women’s Access to Capital and Access To Market are two key contributors to the challenges we face as do not our counterparts face in equal installments. (No pun intended).  Christine, also noted that Access To Network and Credible Introductions play a part in the holding back of women in today’s market.

     Dubyts, #2 pick of why women go into business is that women desire to integrate their work into their family. Tune in to hear Christine Dubyts, #1 reason why Women go into business for themselves and more of this interview. The Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show FREE podcast of this episode will be available at: http://www.talktainmentradio.com/shows/exceptions.html

 Women History Month 3-14-13 Episode, Women to Honor picks of the week:

3-15-13 Phyllis SchlaflyPhyllis Schlafly, Pro-Family Movement Founder  http://www.eagleforum.org/about/bio.html

A Choice Not An Echo

3-15-13 Madeline Albright Read My Pins Book CoverMadeline Albright, Former US Secretary of State, 1st Female-http://www.ted.com/speakers/madeleine_albright.html


Exceptions Small Business Pick of the week. Chieftain Trucking & Excavating Inc.

Special Feature for Women’s History Month: An Exception To The Rules!

3-14-13 susan boyle STANDING_OVATION_ALBUM_COVER_website_image-100x100Susan Boyle- Woman of Today Making History for Tomorrow- http://www.susanboylemusic.com/us/home/

 I Dream A Dream Britain’s Got talent performance 2009. Truly An Exception To The Rules. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0I7M_I1Fp0&list=PLdYl1IVI4_ONcHCVNQRMlmZ0KJM-lg-Sa&index=1

3-15-13 Ohio Ladies GalleryExceptions Resource Alert-  The Ohio Statehouse Ladies’ Gallery and a special exhibit on Mrs. Warren G. Harding.  For Women’s History Month  www.ohioladiesgallery.org

 3-15-13 Luke-Stedke-1622321 220

Introducing   Luke A. Stedke, Communications and Marketing Manager, Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board, The Ohio Statehouse, 1 Capitol Square, Columbus, OH 43215, 614/728-2130

People on the Move/

Business First Journals:


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