On Air Women’s History Month Celebration kicks off this Thursday March 7th on the Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show w/ Host E. Michelle Lee on Talktainmentradio.com

Ohio MBE AD Women's History Month

Tune in this coming Thursday, March 7th at 6PM EST to the #ExceptionsToTheRules Radio Show on Talktainmentradio.com.

Radio Show Host, E Michelle Lee is kicking off a month long celebration for Women’s History Month to encourage women of today to help make history for women of tomorrow. 

Listen to Win and call 877-932-9766.  The Exceptions PRIZE vault is filled with all kinds of stuff that is geared to help individuals be encouraged and business owners to gain resources for their business.

Enter the Essay Contest “What makes you an Exception To The Rules”?   The Prize Winnings are provided by Sponsors to help build businesses.

Listen to local and national women business owners and celebrities talk about issues and accomplishments of Women in Business.

Join the conversation, the show is LIVE , call 877-932-9766

Sponsorship and Advertising on the Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show:

Be a sponsor of the show.

Contribute one of your company’s products and/or services to the PRIZE WINNINGS Vault

Support Women’s History Month, get your business commercial featured on the show. (send email to Michelle@PRWithAPurpose.com for more details and pricing)

Stay up to date with the show on FB and Twitter @ExceptionsBEApril 2013- Zig Ziglar Business Owners Workshop April 11th,

Tune in this Coming Thursday, at 6PM EST. to the E. Michelle Lee Show #ExceptionsToTheRules on Talktainmentradio.com- Listen To Win,, we have a ton of Prizes to give away to entrepreneurs and small business owners who need RESOURCES-




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