Put your shoes on if you want to do business-

1-29-13 Put on your shoes Blog Post pic PRWITH A Purpose Blog Post Ad

     Have you ever thought about it?  How putting your shoes on makes a difference in your work performance? Or how it makes a difference with the kind of shoe you are wearing?  Crazy as it sounds, I want you to do this…

     Pick a pair of shoes from the picture.  Imagine where you will go in those shoes. What you will do in the shoes you picked from above.  How you will feel in the shoes you choose to wear.  Now pick a different pair totally opposite of what you picked before and walk yourself through the whole scenario again.  Any different?  I bet you felt different with each different pair you tried on.

1-29-13 bini huston teal dk bootEX: 1st choice boots- I go anywhere I want to go in my boots.  I feel confident/sturdy in my persona. 

1-29-13 Women Executive Shoe REd                            

Second Choice: Maroon Heels- Whew it’s cold up here in the heights!  I can wear these to that business luncheon I am keynoting at today. I feel straight up ready to do business!

1-29-13 Woman at work in robe by uphilwriting - org hire writerThis morning, I was thinking of what would be the best way to get myself in true high gear.  I know this subject pretty well I thought; working from home and dressing for the office and how important it is to performance in all areas of our business and home life. 

“You gotta dress for the occasion folks”.

       1-29-13 Teal Slider BootFor me, the kick off begins as soon as I put my shoes on. It’s then that my brain knows, its time to go.  Think about it, people who work in a traditional office have their shoes on.  People who are firemen, police officers, doctors, climbers, dancers, business executives, patron in the rain, or a janitor in the hall, wear certain kinds of shoes.  They all have shoes recognized by them as being shoes that a person would wear to their specific kind of job.  So when their brain sees them grab for the work shoes, the brain knows what time it is!  It’s time to go to work!

1-29-13 Dad Works from home in Tee shirtLet me help you tell your brain what time it is. 

(Shameless Plug>.)  PR With A Purpose specializes in Public Relations; that includes the image of the company and you as its representative.That’s why we teach frugal entrepreneurs and executives  ““How to Look, Feel, and Walk like a CEO”

Let me show you how to sparkle your image using your brain!  Keep reading for my findings, that yes, you are what you wear and you will act just how you are dressed!  ………………….

1-29-13 Or does dad work like this from home

Research shows that we actually do relate how we think and feel to what we are wearing.  In an article in the New York Times by SANDRA BLAKESLEE Published: April 2, 2012, “Mind Games: Sometimes a White Coat Isn’t Just a White Coat”   Blakeslee interviews the doctor who led the study that has discovered the brain knows what to do when you put your clothes and shoes on, Adam D. Galinsky, a professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University,

1-29-13 Woman in home office ready to work  They have already termed this behavior to help explain why humans relate to such triggers in our behavior and ability to perform in task when we see certain objects and wear certain types of clothes.  The feeling that is incited by clothes and objects that we embellish our appearance with, does change,improve, or hinder our ability to perform. Enclothed Cognitive is the term that Dr. Galinsky has tagged to the behavior.

 Emily vanSonnenberg     Article at Positive Psychology News Daily   on May 21, 2012, “Enclothed Cognition: Put On Your Power!” further shares Dr. Galinsky’s findings in her opening paragraph.  vanSonnenberg provides a comprehensive definition of Enclothed Cognitive and its next in line trait, Embodied Cognitive.  She also provides the three case studies that Dr. Galinsky conducted as he defined this newly categorized State of Mind that we all can take advantage of, IF we will just dress appropriately for the occasion and task at hand.

PR With A Purpose can provide the services you need to identify how you “Dress For Success” M-F counts towards your paycheck and then some! 

We are available for one on one consultations and for group settings for the “How to look, feel, and walk like a CEO” workshop.

Contact us today for more information: email Contact@PRWithAPurpose.com

Now put cha shoes on get to work! 🙂 Be Blessed

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