now offers the Book- Exceptions To The Rules – Are you One? You Can Be!

Excited to see that my book is now offered on

Book Description

Publication Date: June 8, 2012

    The Exceptions To The Rules- Are you one? You Can BE” How to overcome ANY obstacle; By: E. Michelle Lee is a very inspiring book about persistence and resilience. It is a book for those who have had to pick themselves up by the bootstraps more than once and those who have never experienced such hardship as in today’s world. It is the story of a person who refuses to give up even when all odds are stacked against her. Let this book act as your guide to get you going again. Be inspired. Be an Exception To The Rule. You will find a ton of resources, links, quips, quotes, personal stories of triumph and defeat, the 3Deep Method, and much more to help you get what you need in “Real Time” and “At the speed of business” to overcome anything that you face with courage, strength, and dignity!

Slide5The Exceptions To The Rules-Are You One? You Can BE –is lighthearted and full of resources for the reader to use when life presents stepping blocks Over and Over again or for the first time when you find yourself caught in a pickle. Michelle shares resources and personal stories based on actual occurrences in her life and resources she found to use to catapult herself out of every hole she found herself in. By showing others, who refuse to give up, no matter what they have to face in life, how they can be amazing individuals ; Michelle lives out her dreams by helping others build theirs.
Each chapter gives you real-world case scenarios, actual resources that are most times free to you, the reader, for things that are lacking in your life, then follows up with “Tips” and exercises to get you in the grove of finding the resources you need. If you’re really ready to roll up your sleeves, overcome current and future situations, and have what you need in life, Exceptions gives you obtain-able, workable tools to do it. You’ll discover how you can get out of any mess and move forward, and how you can always face anything that faces you.Slide11
The Exceptions To The Rules- Are you one? You can BE: How to overcome ANY obstacle
Author: E. Michelle Lee
Genre: Self Improvement/Inspirational/Entertainment/Encouragement/Resilience, Persistence, Hurdle Knowhow

1-8-13 PIC by Exceptions authorVisit E Michelle Lee’s website at


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