Debbi Dachinger, 3 time best selling author, Radio and TV Host; TODAY Thursday Jan 10th- 6PM EST on the E. Michelle Lee Radio Show- Exceptions To The Rules

1-9-13  Exceptions Ad Debbi Dachinger Guest Dare To Dream

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Debbi Dachinger is an expert in goal achievement.  She is a radio and TV personality; a three-time bestselling author, keynote speaker, and coach (for goal attainment and in coaching people how to be exquisite talent while being interviewed on  radio).  

Debbi’s “Dare to Dream” radio show is a syndicated, multi-award winning program with 2+ million listeners offering inspiring information and methods on how to achieve goals and dreams. Deborah is a top-notch radio personality, was an award-winning actress and singer, a successful motivational speaker, a professional voice over artist, and was a popular jewelry designer.

Awards or Accolades to mention

  • Editor’s Pick: Featured Intriguing Creator,
  • Broadcasting Industry Lifetime Achievement Award,
  • Featured in Yahoo News, Earth Times, and Singapore Star News and multiple news sources,
  • Inducted into the Who’s Who Hall of Fame for entertainment,
  • Opened the stage for don Miguel Ruiz,
  • Will be featured soon in Social Media Magazines,
  • Soon-to-be on the cover of SPIRIT Magazine,
  • Seen in the documentary film “Girl’s Rule,” about Self-Esteem and Confidence,
  • Author of the bestselling book: “DARE TO DREAM: THIS LIFE COUNTS!” (At Amazon and all bookstores),
  • International speaker,
  • Has an inspirational video channel at: (debontheradio).

Debbi’s abundant career is in using her voice to live out loud, to teach and inspire others to Dare to Dream and make their dreams a reality.

Debbi Dachinger’s products:

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