What story are you telling using brand specific content marketing?

Storytelling your brand2013 PR Market Trends suggest that consumers and businesses want more visuals and stories with valid content in order to purchase product and services.

Everybody loves a good story; don’t you?

From the beginning of time industrious individuals have been using visuals to account for history in the writings on the wall, products made, and how the west was won.  Science proves that adults learn and retain more through laughter, visuals, and a story.  Can you tell a story?

More importantly and beyond the elevator pitch, can you tell the story of your product/service  by using your brand content to engage with consumers and B2B?

During a  speaking opportunity that I had at the Women’s Small Business Mixer hosted by COMBA(Central Ohio Minority Business Association ) I used my tried and true method of delivery to share my services and helpful information for those in attendance.  I told a story. I gave a couple of real life case scenarios of how to use PR for business growth.

This short seven minute presentation allowed me to interact with a captive audience and engage them in learning valuable information.  And since I provided them with tips they could use by painting the picture with my story and backing it up with visuals; they will remember what they obtained to help them grow their business. The key point is that they will remember the story and that will help them to generate the same creative approach to reaching their customers. MY benefit of sharing CONTENT with unpaid customers? When they implement the information they gained through the story and it helps them gain something; they will remember where and who they got it from. 


1) Prepare your brand story while providing a solution to the needs of your target audience.  Be ready  at any time to give a quick story.

2) Keep visuals with you at all times. It doesn’t have to be big enough to fit in a brief case. You can use your smart phone with book marked pages that show your stuff.  It may also be a simple postcard sized advertisement that you use. You can store a few of each in your car, in your laptop bag, in all your different purses, and anything else that you typically carry with you when you are heading out the door.  If you go ahead and place these items in all of these ad-on totes that you carry on a normal basis; you don’t have to worry whether or not you have a visual with you when you need one.

3) Connect the dots of your brand story online.  Integration is key to reach your target market where they are spending their time.  Ex: If you have a blog and your website is on a different site; be sure to post a link on your blog leading to your website. (See the Exceptions Website Link in the right hand rail of this blog for an example)

4) The key to business brand content marketing story telling is that you provide something that will help someone else who is taking the time to listen to your story. Keep it light, fun, and informative to ensure that they as an adult learner will retain the information.  Tell the story in such a way and with creativeness that makes your product/service irresistible and hard to forget.

If you would like to learn more about story telling and how it benefits your business bottom line; contact me for an appointment. My services are small business owner friendly and cost-effective for all budgets.  In some cases, I don’t just advise as a consultant; I do the work and show you how to maintain.

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3 responses to “What story are you telling using brand specific content marketing?

  1. This was great information. I’m always learning with you. Thank you for helping me be an exception to the rule!!!

  2. My Pleasure Adrian. Thank you for the comment; your support is much appreciated! Regards, E Michelle Lee

  3. Stories are especially important because they give a customer more than information; they offer emotion, engagement and a connection between the audience and the product. Also people remember stories better than they do information. These are important factors in marketing a product or idea, and making it really matter to a potential consumer.

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