Put your text book down- Public Relations is more than a definition- now breatheeee

Public Relations Magnifying GlassEducating yourself in your industry or any school of thought is always recommended to keep you sharp and up to date on industry standards and applied science.  Yet, we all know that “real world” experience is the key to being able to handle and create solutions to needs.

You can find text-book and industry expert key definitions for PR here on Exceptions Resource Blog.

Small Business Owners know that gaining acknowledgement from the public eye is necessary to their sales, bottom lines, and credentials. What they may not know is how to create a balance amongst the various elements of public view that is strategically conceptualized and affordable for their budget.  Here are a few insights that may help you figure out what and from where you need to promulgate your services and products to obtain good Public Relations.

  PR-Repurposed diagram

Photo retrieved from Bing, created by: Jay Deragon, PR Specialist and more!

When you look at this diagram you can see the central focal point of PR and its extensions into every dimension of the process of getting info into the hands of the public.

Again, textbook PR, modern trends, and combinations of processes and elements of PR to me does not speak what true PR is all about. Even with the reduction of Public Relations to PR alludes to it being just media press releases, news briefs, and the lessor of them all; advertisements not solicited.

       For true, old-fashioned, down hearted, tried and proved, and confirmly rooted “PR”; you must take time and strategic effort to build long-lasting relationships in your community that provides actions that speak louder than words. Have you ever seen a monument made from spoken words alone?  Exactly.

When you want to build public relations around your business you need to roll up your sleeves and do something that’s news worthy to create the buzz that last beyond the sale.

1)  Find out how, what you sale, whether a service or product, can truly benefit the larger group as a whole and make this world a better place because you are in it. 

2) Set aside a specific amount for the year of that product/service for your target audience. Provide the opportunity to “try before you buy” contingent upon them providing feedback that can be used as a testimonial.  (This is called leader promos) Make your give-a-ways count with intended purpose which provides brand value consistently in that nothing worth anything should ever be entirely free.  Give Back 2 Pay Forward is public relations at its best.

3)  Seek out several outlets through new people you want to meet and build relationships that count.  Find out what they are passionate about and how what you have can help make their lives better.  IF you don’t have something to offer them specifically; refer them to someone who does. This type of practice goes a long way when solidifying your own value to the community.

    In my mind’s view and with my twenty plus years of working to build strong communities using various elements and serving in diverse capacities; it is the moments that I cared about the cause that truly brought people, products, services, and revenues together.  Now that is not saying that every thing you are promoting needs a crusade; it is simply saying that strong relationships that come together for a purpose is “PR” aka Public Relations.  And if we had more of the “come together” we could have more of the share of revenue that extends from the intended efforts.

Keep this in mind, if you sale widgets or services outside of PR; PR may not be your forte.  And while you need to learn a little for your own benefit and cost effectiveness for your business; leave it up to the experts to handle it for you and your business communications and presence in your community and abroad.

Hire me, Public Relations is my business.  It’s what I love to do, to do my part, in this world to help folks come together for a purpose.  That’s why my business is named: PR With A Purpose.

Feel free to check out some of my service listings on my website. PRWithAPurpose.com (aka ExceptionsToTheRules.com) 

Creative talent with proven ability to get your message out and keep it FUN . Find Michelle on Twitter (@ExceptionsBE) Facebook: PR With A Purpose

Do you have an Event coming up? Near or far I can make that event sparkle! PR With a purpose- brings an event together with communities in various demographics. Our services includes online presence increase, community awareness, sponsorship request, fund-raising, media attention, talent, artists, press kits, content writing and more.

send an email to Contact@PRWithAPurpose.com

For more tips and resources check out my column in the Ohio MBE Newspaper online and in print Latest Issue January 1, 2013


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  1. This is the third time I’ve been to your website. Thank you for posting more details.

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