You have a standing invitation to this Birthday Party TODAY; Exceptions To The Rules Wishing YOU a very Merry Christmas

The invitation was sent long ago and remains open for all to comeyour invited sign colorful

As we celebrate birthday’s all through the year; there is none more important to this day which is dear.

Of course all birthday’s matter for it is the time for which we have begun.  But this day we chose to celebrate the birthday of the ONE.

Is the exact day, for that we do not know; but know that it was planned a long long time ago.

      The birth of Jesus, God made flesh to dwell among us, was set from before time began.  We have this one day we recognize the Savior made into a man.  He knew when He created us, to love and commune with Him, that the day would come, that He would have to come to our sinful land. 

      Some believe, some don’t, and there are many who have mocked; our Lord Jesus Christ born in a manager of a virgin birth. But wise men came anyway to give the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  Oh that we should be so honored to join to celebrate, in awe of a Savior who was born to die to cover our dying fate.

     12-25-12 Christmas Eve service candles

Please remember the true reason we celebrate this day.  Teach your children the meaning of Christmas.  May God Richly bless you and yours.  Tune in today to the Exceptions To The Rules Show on enjoy our Christmas Special with Mark Condon’s “Glorious Noel” Musical LIVE at 10am.

Click here to hear the “Glorious Noel” Christmas Special- then click LISTEN LIVE in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Enjoy with the whole family while you open your gifts.

Jesus in the manager

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