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This weeks Sunday morning Reflections with  E. Michelle Lee/ #RadioHost and Author; subject:Who Say’s That?

12-23-12 Simon says gameSince last Sunday when I could not for the life of me complete my normal Sunday Mornin Reflections column; I have been pondering for the past week what stumped me.  Typically when I put up a post that I will do the column in the afternoon; I do the column.  But this past week was different; the subject matter that was laid on my heart to write about would not come out.  I could not put it on paper.

12-23-12 SMHIn the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy; I wanted to show my respect and condolences for all of the precious lives lost.  I avoided the posting of the sentiments because I feared I would not write an appropriate message.  Words had been lost to me. As I listened to all of the words and reasonings shared by others; I felt like I should just not say anything.  But as I continued to tune in to the media, church leaders, government, and friends and colleagues on my FB; I just kept shaking my head thinking “Who says that” ?  12-23-12 I cant shake my head anymore

       As I reflect back on this past week in search of solutions to use for the week to come so that we may be proficient, efficient, bearing fruit from our labor while earning a living and making a life; I can’t help but to think of the lives lost in this tragedy and wondering why can’t we see what is happening to our World through the eyes of the Good Lord.  He is trying to get our attention by trying to protect us from the abundant evil this World is seeing from the one who is the ruler in this earth at this time.

Who say’s that?  Soothsayers may say this or that but I am here to tell you this is not the beginning of our woes.  We have been on a path of destruction for some time now.  Just look at all the stuff around us like wars, rumors of wars, natural disasters, and the multitude of abominations that our Nation is creating all on their own from not listening to the warnings that are in front of our faces.

If you are seeking understanding and truth of why we are experiencing such devastation in our world today; Continue Reading to find out who say’s what and what matters is said by who and for the Exceptions Song of the Week:

12-23-12 I cant shake my head anymoreFrom the beginning of time when we were created to worship and serve the Lord our God; we were created to be loving, kind, and a friend of God.  He did not mean for us to be like this.  But since He knew mankind would behave as we are behaving; He created a way of escape for us. He sent his Son Jesus to cover our sins.  That is why we celebrate the Christmas holiday.

     Yet because they say that His Word and His Ways no longer matter and are not good and true for us today; we suffer as a Nation.  We hear things like: “We are no longer a Christian Nation” and do not bulk.  We hear that those are man’s words and not the Word of God.  We hear that God is not a just God and we can just do anything we like as it does not matter and no judgement will come to us for our own actions of evil.  Who say’s that are those who don’t fear and reverence the Good Lord above.  And yes, that is the beginning of a Godless Nation who will set their own demise as it is told in days of old from the beginning of time.

Check out this weeks Exception To The Rules Song of the WEEK: “Hallelujah ” By: four Norwegian Gents

2 Peter 1:21

King James Version (KJV)

21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

2 Timothy 3:16

King James Version (KJV)

16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

There is hope.  There is understanding.  It is already written. The way in which we are to live life and respect God who created this World is perfectly written in the Good Book.  Don’t let anyone tell you any different or compromise the truth for the soothsayers who call out Peace Peace.  Read it for yourself before you make decisions bases on what others say.  For without God at the helm there is no peace. 

      God did not cause this evil to happen; He was there for those hurting parents I am sure.  But do not be fooled; He being a just God will use this for His Glory to save the masses.  As the Bible says His ways are not are ways and we may never understand why He does, or uses things like this to get our attention. But be rest assured; He will get our attention one way or another.  Because He truly loves us and wants us to look to Him and His Word. 

      If you truly want understanding how life is supposed to work and how we are supposed to live before God as He created us to live in harmony with Him; read His Word.  But before you do; pray that when you read it He will give you understanding of it.  There is so much more to be and understand in the Good Book that you cannot read and comprehend it all in one setting.  That’s why the Word tells us to study and mediate on it everyday.

So the next time you are banking on something that was said to be true; ask yourself first “Who says that”? 

12-23-12 The Bible is our open book test

     Have a blessed week and remember that your litmus test  for making sure you know who said that is correct; is line it up with the Word of God. IF it doesn’t line up it’s not worth believing.

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