Is it Tic for Tat give ME a little of that; promotions is a two way street for B2B?

12-21-12 teal triangle peopleThe very essence of promotions is how and who you promote besides yourself; right?

Being in the business of promotions as a public relations specialist with Exceptions PR With A Purpose; it is my job to promote others to the TOP.

      Even before I went into the business of PR I had always had an element of promoting others first in all my presentations.  Now when I look at other businesses as prospect clients; I notice that all too often they want me to promote their business as a professional courtesy and not a billable hour.  Ok, no problem, I can do a little of Pay Forward for the hopeful Give Back.  Yet, the hopeful give back never comes?

Here’s a few tips on business etiquette to promoting others; especially those who have promoted you!

1) When a business professional promotes one of your products or services in any kind of way that is pleasing to you; mark it down.  The next time you see them Face Booking or Tweeting about a product or service that they are promoting; copy, paste, and share without them having to ask you to do so.

2)  Remember the golden rule and what you do comes back to you; sometimes 10 fold.  IF you have been invited to an event on social media where you advertise your special invitations too; if you are not able to attend simply decline but be willing to share the event at least once on your own timeline.

3) Contact colleagues in your circle and pre arrange to swap some promotion time with them and their network.  Tic for Tat is not a bad thing it’s far better than you being seen as someone who only promotes themselves.  Trust me, as much time as we all spend online with social media; sooner or later everyone can clearly see if you are only a self promoter or a business that supports other businesses.

4) If you contact a business who is in the business of promotions be prepared not to ask for so much on a professional courtesy.  Know, understand, and respect the fact that they are in the business to sell their services. IF you agree to promote their services and pre arrange a time to do that; proper etiquette will permit a one time only social blast.

Helping others is a good thing! As long as you are willing to Give Back 2 Pay Forward there is no limit to what you can do in your business to grow your audience through public relations and promotions.

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