Recommendations that don’t mean much; learn how to use caution when giving an endorsement

12-19-12 Endorse MeSo you have received a request from a connection to endorse and/or recommend them for any good reason.


     You read the request and then your mind starts going round about trying to figure out how you know them and their work for which they are requesting your stamp of approval to share with someone else. 

     Finally, you sum it all up, and realize; I don’t know them and have never worked with them; I barely remember their name. Maybe.  Then the guilt slides in as though you should feel bad for not recognizing them. You question yourself or at least I hope you will ponder the seriousness of this request before you click yes.

12-19-12 Endorse me circle      After-all, it is your stamp of approval and your name, that you are about to seal on this requested recommendation.  You had better realize that what you are about to say will come back to you as you are the one who said it.  Thumbs up; I recommend this person! 

12-19-12 Reccommend me      Before you so graciously comply with the request as a professional courtesy; consider your own name, the merit behind the approval, and the work that you have done or witnessed them doing. If you have no experience with them either way; don’t recommend.  If you blindly endorse someone to establish a relationship with them, you are not doing them justice, and you are devaluing the process and significance behind a recommendation.

     If someone would ask me to endorse them without having worked with me or without me seeing their work; I would be concerned about that person’s ethics,  work product, and or service. Why?  Because first their request shows me that their standards are not up to par on industry standards and guarantee of product/service.  If they would toss a recommendation around like its nothing to hold up to; they will also toss my name around the same and may not perform as they should. How would I know? I never worked with them to know their standards or I never saw any of there work.

      Take recommendations and endorsements seriously, it should never be just a click away.  Have a standard of excellence that requires you to be accountable for all that you do and say with regards to someone elses abilities. Make sure you have seen or been a part of their work.  If someone takes your word for it make sure its a word that counts.12-19-12 little people with recommendations

E Michelle Lee is a public relations specialist, radio show host, author, speaker and newspaper columnist in Ohio.  She has an international reach and is ready to help you work your business with strategic creative solutions.  She’s not just a consultant that shows you how; she does the work!

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