You’ve Got To Balance The Ride

12-8-12 Girls on Teeter TotterWhen you want success you must have Balance.

Obtaining balance is life with peace. 

If you get out of sorts with balance your meter of success is weighed down on one side or the other to the point of bottoming out.  Learn to force yourself to maintain a healthy balance in all that you do.  That’s making a choice to do things in an orderly fashion.

When you have a balanced life you can accomplish so much more than if you are living in a disarray mess.  5-3-12 by jeff reclaim blanceWrite down the areas of life that you focus on.  Where are your task taking the most of your time.  Now put yourself in check.  Do you have ample division of time in those categories?

12-8-12 Balancd Word Find


What are the most important categories of life for you?

Draw yourself a pie:5-3-12 balance pie

In your pie give a check mark for every 30 minutes you spend in one of your categories.  Now add up the amount of time you are spending in each.

     I know how it is as an entrepreneur and small business owner to need to spend more time building than doing; but is that healthy for us?  Working all the time and letting go of time that belongs to our family, friends, and church.

     It’s not healthy to spend an unbalanced amount of time in one area or another. Learn how to balance your time and even force a balance when necessary.  5-3-12 balance all things scale

12-8-12 Flush Kitchen

While we can’t twinkle our noses to make it happen and we certainly wish but can’t flush that kitchen clean for its next use; we can allocate enough time to do our chores and balance the house work out decently.

Now I am one to tell you that if an opportunity arises and the house ain’t done; I will go to the opp and opt out of doing the house to a certain degree. Life is short and those dishes will be there when I get home; but that chance to grow my life or that of another will not always wait till the dishes are done.  Can ya hear me now?

But still, you have to keep your house in order if you want the rest of your life to be in balance.4-3-12 scales life work balanceWhile I love technology and do a keep a calendar online; I have to physically write down my task on paper and see them there in order for me to perform and remember the things that need to be done.

TIP:  The best way to ensure that you will complete something is to write it down.  Keep a carry along calendar like back in the old days before technology over took your ability.  The visuals we create stay in our minds and some of them can become carry on’s.  Imagine what you would do if your cpu/ipad went ZIP- everything lost into the techno cyber space. Poof gone,, ouch- keep a hand written copy.

Maybe you are an audio learner. And need something to hear.  Record your own saying like: Put the mouse down and step away from the computer. Set it on a timer to go off when you need to move on to the next category. 

Remember even if you have to force yourself to do it; maintain some time in all categories of your life so that you can accomplish the big picture.12-8-12 Little Big Balance


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