Listen LIVE TODAY to A Tribute Memorial to a Legend, Father, Husband, Friend, and Mentor; Mr. Zig Ziglar. Listen LIVE Today Dec. 6th, 2012- 6PM EST- on the E. Michelle Lee Radio Show- Exceptions To The Rules. With Surprise guest, Phillip Hatfield

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A tribute to Zig Ziglar: Master Of Motivation.

Today Thursday, December 6th  tune into the E Michelle Lee Show;Exceptions To The Rules!                                                  Radio Show on  at 6PM EST

This week on the show we are paying a special tribute to  Mr. Zig Ziglar whose life work and legacy influenced our Radio Show Host E. Michelle Lee profoundly. The lines will be open for callers to pay tribute to Mr. Ziglar’s life’s work.  Call 877-932-9766

PLEASE NOTE: You can watch  online today at the website a rebroadcast of the Official Memorial Service of Mr. Zig Ziglar at 2:00pm EST and again at 7:00Pm EST.  Click here

Exceptions Tribute Pic to Zig Ziglar    1-19-2012 M Lee side after  Sad and glorious all at the same time to bid someone whom you have admired greatly for your entire professional career and inner growth; farewell for the last time. How does one name that emotion? 

    Today I am paying a memorial tribute on my Exceptions Radio Show to the last of the greats of our Motivational Forefathers from yester years; Mr. Zig Ziglar.  My Mentor.

     Zig Ziglar You can have everythingOn the show you will hear many of his best moments and an interview that represents the principles of Zig Ziglar that makes people like you and me               Exceptions To The Rules!

    12-6-12 Zig Ziglar ol days blue screen Phil Matthews It’s kinda been tough all week putting this stuff together for my producer, KT about  Zig for this week’s show .  Mr. Ziglar has and will always be dear to my heart; he has provided me with answers through his materials and stuff on so many occasions that directly impacted how my life is turning out now. And for that, I am grateful and I thank him.

     He encouraged me, when I listened to those 12,000 miles worth of tapes every year.  That’s why I am honored to be a Tape Ziglar Graduate of Zig Ziglar University of Tapes, as he called it.


     I would appreciate if you would join me this evening on my radio show to pay respects to Mr. Zig Ziglar; a very wise man that we have lost and  one that has helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world make this world a better place.

     If you would like to pay a tribute to Mr. Zig Ziglar please tune in to the Exceptions Radio Show to hear your cue and call 877-932-9766 between 6-7PM EST today and give your one sentence statement and name, and state to our Producer KT.

     12-6-12 Zig Ziglar Oval PicI will miss you, Mr. Ziglar while I help the team carry on your legacy; but I am certain the Angels are rejoicing from the moment when your feet finally hit “The Top”!

   Farewell My Friend, I hope to meet you at “The Top” some sweet day! Thank you, Sir

 The lines will be open for callers to pay tribute to Mr. Ziglar’s life’s work.  Call 877-932-9766

Zig Ziglar radioClick Here to read the Tribute to Mr. Zig Ziglar by: E Michelle Lee- Radio Show Host and Publicist- An Exception To The Rules

    12-6-12 Zig and Tom Ziglar  Tune in to learn more about all of the wonderful resources that Ziglar,com will continue to offer as the Legacy of Mr. Ziglar lives on through his books, tapes, and teachings.

        12-6-12 You are Free to chose Zig Ziglar12-6-12 Big shot Quote Zig Ziglar12-6-12 Ziglar Quote Bathing12-6-12 Zig Ziglar Over The Top Book Cover Because you got to use what cha got, till you get what you need, so you can go where you want to be- The Exceptions To The Rules Show is here for you! #ShopLocal #BeGlobal  Getting the tools and resources you need in “Real Time” and “At The Speed of Business”

 Please consider donating to one of Mr. Ziglar’s cherished “good causes” in his honor. Click here for the Official Zig Ziglar Website

Tune in this Thursday evening to the E Michelle Lee radio show at 6PM EDT /EST  to pay tribute to Mr. Zig Ziglar.

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