Please don’t call for Another Meeting- it cost too much

11-30-12 Business MeetingSometimes it is necessary to call for a meeting, no doubt, for many reasons.  But is it truly necessary all of the time to physically be present in a meeting?

If you must call for a meeting please be considerate of the other person’s cost involved including their gas, parking expense, and most of all time.

7-14-12 Time money cascadiumExcerpted from “Why Meetings kill Productivity” by: Ray B. Williams at Psychology Today:  In a survey reported in Industry Week, 2000 managers claimed that at least 30 percent of their time spent in meetings were a waste of time. According to a 3M Meeting Network survey of executives, 25-50 percent of the time people spend in meetings is wasted. And according to a survey by Office Team, a division of Robert Half International, 45 percent of senior executives surveyed said that their employees would be more productive if their firms banned meetings for a least one-day a week.

The cost associated with meetings are staggering just as the statistics are that show we spend too much time meeting about things that could be accomplished in more cost-effective and productive ways.   These days when gas prices are roaring and parking fees are climbing; physically meeting just doesn’t always make sense. 11-30-12 Gas price arm leg first bornContinue reading for more effective ways to accomplish more without meeting.11-30-12 Green MeetingsNow mind you an initial meeting almost always is necessary to establish the working relationship that you want to obtain in the face of a new client.  But continued meetings for the sake of holding meetings is just not the route to go in the world of today’s business transactions.  IN my opinion, making a calendar of meetings could indicate several things that you may not want to insinuate.  Such as that you might not have enough to do, or  you are simply lonely for interaction or the need to feel important because, “you have a meeting to go to”.  11-30-12 Practical alternative to work meeting

You can use the time you spend driving, parking, and preparing for a meeting doing the work necessary to complete the task.  Instead of physically meeting you could use modern-day technology to accomplish an outcome that far exceeds what you would have accomplished in the meeting. 

TIP:  Before you request the next meeting; use this handy-dandy meeting cost-effective calculator from .  Enter the info as per the instructions and think about what you are really asking these people to do and SPEND before you ask them to meet.  This calculator will help you decide, is this meeting really necessary face to face.

Another TIP:  Consider having a conference call 11-30-12 Conference Callinginstead of a meeting.  Many services that provide conference calling are free to use like  Here is an article that shows a few others:   4 Free Conference Calling Services April 17, 2011 by  I am sure the list has grown since 2011; just Google it!

11-30-12  money burning

Remember, before you call for your next meeting; calculate the cost of the attendee(s) you are inviting.  Make sure there really needs to be a face to face meeting.  Plus, consider what benefit the attendee will receive from your requested/ required meeting.  Does the benefit outweigh the cost?  IF not, you may want to reconsider the meeting and opt out for a more cost-effective way to accomplish your desired outcome.

NOTE:  Human interaction is required in all aspects of life; do not consider this as an attempt to minimize the importance of gathering.  Consider more so how and why you want to gather and for what; not a another meeting!

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  1. Edmond Kanzenbach

    I could not resist commenting. Very well written!

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