Exceptions Wishes you blessings while we give thanks- Happy ThanksGiving 2012

I would like to wish “ALL” a Happy ThanksGiving.

I pray that we each, no matter where we are in life, can still  give thanks for the many blessings we have been given.

     With each nationally designated celebration that we commensurate we are carrying on traditions, monuments, and history.  Why do we do this?  We do this so that our children’s children and their children’s children not forget what we have come from, what we have learned, what we should be thankful for in life.

       Just as our children go to school to learn about our history they also learn from our passing down traditions, beliefs,  and our culture.  Should we dismiss that which has established us; we may lose our heritage for mere shekels and not be thankful for our blessings.  In 1621 when the pilgrims fought their way here and paid a dear price for their freedom and ours.  Could you image what may have not happened had they know people of 2012 would not be upholding the sacrifice of praise to continue that which they had begun. 

We must give thanks this day and teach our children why we are giving thanks to whom we are giving thanks least we forget.

Traditions carry on because we share history and we set monuments of things that are important to us along the way.  We don’t remove them because times change; we build them up to improve from that which we have already learned.

I am ever so grateful for the pilgrims who fought for our Lord and Savior’s Word so that we may have the freedom to praise Him and give thanks for His blessings to us.  The pilgrims travel and sacrifice was never meant to hush the gospel or make it to where we try to forget or breach the covenant of protection they did receive; it was meant so that their children’s children would carry on the good work of the Lord and that All could receive the gift of life that we enjoy today.  Be ye therefore thankful for our forefathers meant it to be that way and that is why we celebrate ThanksGiving.  To Give God Thanks for all that He has blessed us with today!

Give God Glory and Thanks:

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