How and why to check who is visiting your website- Are they potential customers or spammers hogging up your bandwidth?

Have you ever reviewed your website stats? IF not you should.  Do you get the various categories and statistics provided by your web-hosting company?  Most web-hosting companies provide a legend to help you understand what those stats mean.  Well, at least I know my web-hosting company, Fatcow does.  

Using this website stats information can help your business in several ways.  Such as:

1) Reverse marketing for gaining leads from who has visited your site.

2) Tracking measures you have used to promote your business through your website.

3) Guarding your website against spammers.

4) Understanding why all of a sudden you are getting an influx of emails soliciting you for various services needed on your website.

Learn how to check out who is visiting your website and why?

First Step:

Pull the data for the top websites visiting your site:


Take one of the IP addresses hitting your site and look them up at one of the sites that allows you to look up IP addresses.  The site I am using today for this exercise is: .

Enter the IP address into the search box: 
Continue reading to follow the steps to find out who is visiting your site and why.  Make sure the traffic you are getting is not harming your site and if there are potential customers you have a way to follow up with them after their visit…

Scroll down near the bottom and check for comments.  Sometimes previous inquiries are shown and sometimes they leave helpful info such as from this example where the visitor actually is questionable.

As a test you can run this particular IP address to see what I saw when I found they had been visiting my site a lot and using a lot of bandwidth (aka spammer).

IP Details for

User Comments

My logs are being spammed from this address – 2011-09-11
my website is being spammed by this IP address – 2011-09-22
constant visits – 2011-10-17
hacker – 2011-10-24
Hacker links to/from Canada to/from US. Homeland security investigating. – 2012-02-12
Constant spamming by this IP address all month, how can I get it to stop! I have all these crazy links from Russian websites.. – 2012-02-27
How do I get them to stop spamming my site? – 2012-03-01
everyday this IP is spamming my site along with a bunch of other Russian IP’s what do you do, How do you block them? – 2012-03-04
STOP SPAMMING!! – 2012-03-10
hAve the same problems at another website word press dos not do much to detect/stop spam… – 2012-07-10
Spamming me too. – 2012-07-21
block them using your .htacess file – 2012-10-31

Fourth Step: 

Now go and Google that company:  Use this search string: ”  who is Open JSC Stock company Sater “

    Now you know who is hitting your website and why.  This is valuable information to gain new customers, track your efforts, and to protect your site as well as you email from spammers.

    Another example:  POSITIVE-  Say for instance you recently did a promotion and one of the entry forms was completed by Sally who lives in Westerville and has A T & T internet service.  When you pick one of the IP addresses and run it on the Who is site and it comes back as A T & T internet service in Westerville zip code.  You can figure that it was most likely Sally whom you talked to and now most definitely need to follow up with since she went and checked out your site.

    If you want to know more about learning how to use your web stats to gain leads and/or protect your site speed; feel free to call upon me as we offer services that help you monitor your website traffic and reputation.

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