Tips for Supporting Economic Growth during the 2012 Holiday Season; purchase services

Purchase a Gift of Service Support #ShopLocal Service Providers during this Holiday Season.


When you buy a service as a gift to give from a local small business owner you support your economy .

    With Black Friday coming this week and Small Business Saturday following on the 24th have you given much thought about how to make purchases that not only put a smile on someones face but also strengthens your local economy?

 Why not purchase a gift this is practical and helpful to support small business service providers and retailers?  I mean think about it; if you purchase a service gift certificate for a member of your family, friend, or colleague; you can be a part of the solution to strengthen our economy. 

Here are a few examples of gift certificates that you can purchase

Gift Certificates $0-$50.

Haircut, Car Clean, Oil Change, Graphic Design hour, administrative help, printing…….

Gift Certificates $50.-$100

Maid Service, Business Cards, Customized Cake, Resume Writing, Press Release, Business Consultant, Month of Internet Service, Eye Exam, Dental Cleaning, Lawn Service, Computer Back up, Carpet Cleaning…..

Gift Certificates $100-$200

Newspaper Advertising, Radio Advertising, Logo Design, Car Repair, Seminar, Coaching, Ghost Writing, Blog Creation, Face Book Page design, Twitter Account set up, Social Media Monitoring, …..

      These are just a few ideas of how you can make purchases this holiday season that not only support the businesses that you purchase from but also it helps make people’s lives a little less stressed and pressed for time and budgets.

     Consider purchasing services for gifts this year.  I assure you that the people you are buying the gifts for will totally think you are the most unusual gift giver of the season.

Purchase a service- support economic growth

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