Sunday Morning Reflections with Radio Show Host & Author E. Michelle Lee, this week’s subject: ” Rise up and Stand America” It still is “In God we trust”,isn’t it?

As I share my reflections with you each week on early Sunday Mornings before I head out to the best house on the street to meet; The Good Lord’s House. I hope to share some things with you that will help you have a better week next week.

       Sunday Mornins is my time with you to encourage you to reflect on your past week and analyze it,to learn from it, and to better plan for your upcoming week of work, life, play.

WARNING: this is the weekend and My personal beliefs are expressed in this post. M-F is about business and stem from the principles that I hold dear.  Saturday’s; free flow.  Sunday’s are dedicated to my Lord and Savior whom I wish to please to the best of my ability. I am not perfect; but thank God I am forgiven. 

     Absorb and release- change-improve, move more efficiently to accomplish more this week than you expected from yourself last week. As you grow towards your goals this week coming, think back to the week you just finished. Name 3 things that come to your mind right off the bat. Write them down in your journal.

Take time to reflect on your past weeks daily activities from work to play. Do it every week so you can keep trotting ahead like a champion. 

     Reflecting to projecting. That’s the way to make your life stronger, wiser, and to have a clearer site for your path ahead by breaking it down to one week at a time.

This weeks Sunday morning Reflections with: E. Michelle Lee/ subject:” Rise up and Stand America” It still is “In God we trust”,isn’t it?

I dunno America, I have my doubts about you.  “We the people” have become so far-fetched that the main ingredient to our success and prosperity has gotten lost in the shuffle. 

As i reflect back on this past week in search of solutions for the week to come; I think of all the research I did for various projects that lead me to the dread and fear of this Nation’s beginning its own demise on the event of this upcoming November 6th voting day.  Strange and off beat subject to find here in our Sunday Mornin Reflections column; I know.  But, for the likes of me I could not remain silent anymore about the core reason we all are being cornered to suffer in the way in which we all are suffering today. Continue reading to understand why we as a people are suffering with hardships, pain, and with much difficulty in today’s modern world of anything goes.

The reality is as it is when a group of children, the entire sales team, or maybe the whole  department, where one was at fault, but all of the department was punished; suffers because of the actions of one.  That is how countries suffer as a whole; from the choice and actions of one.  So when you think about who you will vote for this coming due season; you had better feel rest assured that that person can make decisions on your behalf that stand true to the requirements of the core values and principles this great country was built upon; God’s Word!

Say what you will, mock if you like; that will just further prove what the Good Book say’s is true.  For the Bible, that some say was written by men or translated incorrectly, has already proved its point in that it was written many years ago that you would say and do those type of things to destroy its credibility. 

How does this pertain to the purpose of this Sunday Blog Column?  Here’s how.  We as a people have been blessed from our beginning.  Our blessings come from God.  If we turn away from God as a Nation; we will no longer have that protection that keeps us blessed even during the reign of evil in our land.  God clearly warns us that the moment we forget Him or His People, His lineage; we will suffer by His removal of that protection.  Other words you think this economy is horrible now; you wait till God unleashes His judgement on us as is foretold in His guide book for how we should live. 

If you believe in God at all, don’t you think that a God great enough to establish this world and run it like a CEO can protect and maintain one book and its integrity?  If He can create the World, which I believe He did; then for God’s credit don’t you believe He can protect His Word? 

Check out this weeks Exception To The Rules Song of the WEEK: “In God We Still Trust”, by Diamond Rio

2 Chronicles 7:14

King James Version (KJV)

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

     Have a blessed week and remember that your litmus test for knowing that you will succeed and prosper even in a down economy is according to how much you believe and trust what God has promised as long as we put Him first and protect His people!

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