Tune in TODAY LIVE 6pm Oct. 18th Ted Wiliams The Man With The Golden voice IN Studio LIVE w/ E Michelle Lee Radio Show of the Exceptions To The Rules on Talktainmentradio.com

LIVE TODAY  Thursday, October 18th  tune into the E Michelle Lee Show; Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show on Talktainmentradio.com LIVE at 6PM EST

CALL 2 WIN Ted Williams Golden Voice PRIZES 877-932-9766,

Autographed Book by Ted Williams, The Golden Voice Ring Tones, The Golden Voice Personalized Message you can have on your own cell phone with you name! Click the LINKS check it out. WIN TODAY on the Exceptions To The Rules Radio show!

This week on the show we are featuring Ted Williams aka The Man with the Golden Voice and his New Book, A Golden Voice: How Faith, Hard Work, and Humility Brought Me from the Streets to Salvation  

Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show with host E Michelle Lee LIVE 2day October 18th in studio Ted Williams The Man With the Golden Voice- CALL 2 WIN your autographed copy of Ted’s Book on Talktainmentradio.com

Follow Ted Williams on Twitter: @Ted_goldenvoice

Friend Ted on FB at: Ted Williams

Also, we will be focusing on The Ted Williams Project  to help end homelessness in America and abroad.  Click the pic of the book to order your copy today and help end homelessness >>>>>
(proceeds from Ted’s book supports the cause)

Join the show; call 1-877-932-9766 to chat with special guests on The E Michelle Lee Radio Show; Exceptions To The Rules. Ted Williams and E Michelle Lee   Photo Taken at the Supplier Diversity Awards 2012

        Because you got to use what cha got, till you get what you need, so you can go where you want to be- The Exceptions To The Rules Show is here for you! #ShopLocal #BeGlobal  Getting the tools and resources you need in “Real Time” and “At The Speed of Business”

This week’s Exception To The Rules Radio Show  Guest: Ted Williams; ” The Man with the Golden Voice” shares a side of himself that you may not be aware of yet.

Tune in this Thursday evening to the E Michelle Lee show at 6PM EDT /EST  to hear more about this Man with the Golden Voice and all of the wonderful things he is doing to help others with his story for HIS Glory!
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