How to make your attendance at buisness conferences work for you long after the event is over

With the upcoming small business conferences in October being the focal point of many entrepreneurs and small business owners here in Central Ohio;  I thought you could use a few tips to help you make the best use of your attendance.

TIP #1: Know before you go: 

With so many conferences in one month it may be hard for you to attend all of them; you may have to pick and choose.   If you have to choose which one to attend due to time and economy; do your homework first.  Know who the vendors are, know what the theme is, and know who your target audience will be if you attend.

Ex: If you own a small carpet cleaning service; does it make sense for you to go to a career fair expo?  Of course not. It would make better use of your budget to attend where there will be other small business owners who have store fronts.

Tip #2: Have your 30 second pitch ready for introduction

Get the prenups out-of-the-way by using your 30 second pitch as your introduction. Immediately this allows your new contact to know who what when where and how about you, your business, and your service or product for which they may or may not need or know someone who does.  This way both parties are able to analyze quickly if it makes sense to spend time on this introduction or to connect and then follow-up as a courtesy after the conference.  

Making connections that count start with finding out what common ground you have and how you can help one another.  That cannot be done in its entirety at a conference where there are hundreds of individuals you want to meet.  So why push it?  Make the connection, get a way to follow-up, and move on to the next person.  Remember, you are there for a limited amount of time.

Tip #3  Respect others time:

      When you are at a conference where the main focus is to network for your business; your time is precious and so is the other person’s time for whom you are engaging with in conversation.  Once you have BOTH shared your reason for being there; politely move on so that the other person can share their business with others.  That’s why they are there too!  Don’t be a time hog. 


I cannot express enough how important follow-up is in this competitive economy.  Your follow-up will make the difference or break the relationship into oblivion.  Did you pay all that money to let new contacts slip away?  I think not.  There are three basic categories that our follow-up falls into

1:  First and foremost you follow-up as a professional courtesy

2: You follow-up because they have something you want

3: You follow-up because you have something they need

     At any rate those who don’t follow-up after an introduction; are forgotten quickly and that is something that you don’t want to happen regardless of whether or not either party has something that is needed now.  You spent time, money, and effort to be at that conference for the value of making good connections.  They way in which those connections go from introduction to building a working relationship is in the follow-up.

Exceptions PR With A Purpose helps you make connections that count!  We offer a full service firm that provides consulting, business strategy, media attention, and most importantly; building relationships for the great good of all parties involved.

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