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LIVE this Thursday, September 27th  tune into the E Michelle Lee Show; Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show on LIVE at 6PM EST

Join the show; call 1-877-932-9766 to chat with special guests on The E Michelle Lee Radio Show; Exceptions To The Rules.  October must be the small business conference series in Ohio; because we’ve got lots of them coming up!

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This week’s Exception To The Rules Radio Show In-studio Guest: 

INCREASE CDC, Associate Director Curtland Caffey. 

     Curtland H. Caffey is a premier serial entrepreneur who trains and educates CEO’S and President’s of small and medium size businesses about their business infrastructure.  Mr. Caffey works with entrepreneurs to empower, enrich and assist them with their fulfillment of their organizational goals through a “5-Pillar concept”.

      Tune in Tomorrow evening to the E Michelle Lee show at 6PM EDT /EST  to hear more about this serial entrepreneur and his work at INCREASE CDC including the upcoming Small Business Expo here in Columbus, Ohio on October 11th, 2012 at the Embassy Suites Columbus Airport beginning at 8am til 4pm.  Sponsored by Fifth Third Bank, the annual conference features dynamic speakers and presentations to help entrepreneurs succeed and take positive steps toward business growth.

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     This week on the show we are talking about the upcoming conference for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs in Ohio presented by INCREASE CDC

Listen in LIVE this Thursday 6PM EST on, September 27th to The E Michelle Lee Radio Show- Exceptions To The Rules for tips, Exceptions PR With A Purpose Resource Alerts, Motivation and more; and for your chance to WIN YOUR TICKET 

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INCREASE Community Development Corporation is a faith-based, non-profit organization that provides business training and capital for entrepreneurs and start-up businesses in central Ohio.

Our History

INCREASE Community Development Corporation (INCREASE CDC) began as a ministry of Columbus Christian Center Church to expose the congregation to a variety of activities including home buying, financial planning, business development and several athletic programs for youth. A component of the ministry, Heaven Unlocking Businesses (HUB), was specifically engaged in helping entrepreneurs overcome obstacles in their business.

As we explored different opportunities to help, we acquired a formal business planning program from The Ohio State University and launched our first training course in 1999. The introduction of this course helped transition the organization into a non-profit corporation and in 2000, INCREASE CDC received non-profit status.

Since its inception, INCREASE CDC has been able to offer additional programs and services as a result of receiving financial support from donors and sponsors. As a result of such support, we are proud to have trained over 500 individuals and assist in starting over 100 businesses in central Ohio.

Our Mission

To increase economic self-sufficiency through micro-enterprise development, personal financial education, asset development, and job creation.

Our Beliefs

  • Businesses provide opportunities for adults to develop their community and themselves
  • Businesses create gainful employment opportunities for community residents

Our Promise

  • We will assist individuals and households without regard for race, gender or social economic status
  • We will treat employees with respect and acknowledge their contributions

    Are you an Exceptions To The Rules? Tune in to find out. Exceptions To The Rules is an online radio show designed to motivate, educate, and help small business owners and entrepreneurs build a  Resource Bank imperative to success as a frugal entrepreneur and business owner with little or no cash flow; at the moment!

    Getting from the shoestring to the bling bling budget, “Learnin As We gO”; #ShopLocal #BEGlobal.  Each week, Listen Live! as online host E. Michelle Lee and expert guests discuss topics such as Getting the Resources You need, Health Care Options for Small Business Owners, Exceptions-“PR With A Purpose” ‘s Resource Alerts, and much more! 

 Tune in consumers, entrepreneurs, and business owners.  The E Michelle Lee Show is a radio show you won’t want to miss.  CALL into the show between 6-7PM at 1-877-932-9766.  LIVE Radio Show

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